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JAN 14

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"Plasma's are much more dynamic in their power usage. It all depends o..."

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EU May Ban Plasma TVs

The EU is continuing on its quest to slash home energy use. Months after it announced a ban on incandescent bulbs starting in 2010, the EU is now set to effectively ban large plasma TVs.

The countries are close to agreeing upon new energy performance standards for TVs that large plasma displays will not meet. Plasma models typically use about 50 percent more energy than LCD models. The new standards, which will go into effect this spring, will pull the least efficient TVs from shelves and we like it levitra to order start a labeling system that ranks the efficiency of the remaining models.

While the cheap next day tramadol U.S. as a whole won't be adopting similar standards anytime soon, California might. The California Energy Commission has proposed state standards that would require TVs to use 50 percent less energy by 2013. The California proposal is more strict than the EU standards. If the state does adopt the new standards, it could save 600 MW in energy use.

I know that many people are uncomfortable with the banning of products, but if the ban is a result of a demand for better efficiency throughout an industry, I'm all for it. Now, in the EU, electronics companies will have a higher standard to meet and there will be better products because of best place to buy cialis it.

via Green Inc.

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why ban?
written by hyperspaced, January 15, 2009
I am against banning of a commercial product. Let the market take it's way. In Europe, plasma TV's just didn't cut it. Call it worse energy efficiency and/or picture quality. It's hard now to find plasma TV's and there is no ban active.
Not about the canadian pharmacy online evironment at all
written by Steven Surowiec, January 15, 2009
This doesn't have anything to do with the environment. Many top EU officials either own, or are stake holders, in electronics recycling companies. This, and the ban on regular light bulbs, is nothing more then a pay day to cialis viagra them. Thats why they want to do it.
Store Shortcomings
written by UnionJack, January 15, 2009
I want to upgrade to an LCD but stores here in the UK do not categorise TV's by energy efficiency. You have to do the research on the web before you buy. Have I bought? No! The Pal+ box TV I own consumes 90w and has build in surround sound and a sub-woofer. When I get some of this combination or better in a flat panel TV I will certainly buy one.
What's next?
written by Yoshi, January 15, 2009
Will they start fining people who own tube TV's? Arresting people for running the air conditioning too long? I think a ban only makes sense on products that are grossly inefficient. Like a TV that consumed 1000W while operating. ...but at that point, they will have to ban all refrigerators! Seems like a problem of priorities.
What about quality.
written by Thor, January 15, 2009
Most people know that Plasma TV's are much better performing than LCD. They need to make plasma's more efficient, so educated consumers can purchase quality products with less energy usage!
Visual Performace I meant
written by Thor, January 15, 2009
The resolution on a plasma is far superior to an LCD was what I was trying to say in that last post.
Thor... they're all the same.
written by Ben Schiendelman, January 15, 2009
Basically any decent television is daily viagra now 1920x1080. There's no difference between LCD and Plasma, except that plasma burns in more readily and pulls more juice. It used to be better, when LCD technology wasn't cheap and good. That hasn't been the case for a couple of years.
RE: not about the environment
written by TwentySomething, January 15, 2009
Why are we so quick so assume the worst about people? Perhaps the environment really IS a priority for them. However, in the process, they have looked ahead and seen the financial gains to be had in the electronics recycling industry. Can you blame them for wanting to get in on that? Sounds like a decent financial plan to me.
Let the market decide!??!!??
written by David Hau, January 15, 2009
The market is selfish and DUMB. You can't and shouldn't rely on it to do the right thing for the future.

The EU is doing a good job here. It's functioning as the brain of society, implementing laws that are for the common good, for a brighter future.
Fact checking?
written by MonoApe, January 15, 2009
It appears the EU is not proposing a ban on plasma TVs:

Fact-checking before sensationalism would be good....
Which top EU officials please?
written by Karsten, January 15, 2009
Steven: What you say is interesting. Who are you talking about when you say "many top EU officials"? Any names? Any companies? It would help to lend credence to your accusation that this is a method to inexpensive cialis get make profits rather than help the environment.

Re:David Hau
written by EV, January 15, 2009
It's functioning as the brain of society, implementing laws that are for the common good, for a brighter future.

Sounds like the it's great! female herbal levitra justification for every atrocity ever committed.
written by Stewart, January 15, 2009
"...but if the ban is a result of a demand for better efficiency throughout an industry, I'm all for it."

Seems to be a contradiction. If there was a demand for better efficiency throughout the industry that was driving the decline of plasmas, why is a ban necessary? It doesn't make sense to argue a market justification for government intervention.
written by Kyle White, January 18, 2009
I would probably be mad if I were a plasma fan. However, this may be a good push for getting OLED's out on buy cialis no prescription the market. Of course OLED's are way better in both efficiency and professional cialis online looks than both plasma and LCD.
Plamsa is better quality.
written by Thor, January 20, 2009
Sorry Ben, but you're wrong... stop by a high end tv store (not a box store where the brightness is turned up) and check out the difference watching Football, Hockey, or Nascar in High Def... the LCD cannot keep up with the fast pace. It is too slow to respond. But I'm all for the power savings so whatever.. i'm just not going to sacrifice power for quality. I keep my thermostat down, and all my lights off while watching the TV, so I think i'm offsetting the power consumption :)
Plama TV
written by Ron Staton, January 21, 2009
I have a plama TV and love it. I also have a 6KW solar PV array on my roof here in Arizona so I don't feel guily if my TV uses more juice :)
written by mike, March 08, 2009
Plasma's are much more dynamic in their power usage. It all depends on the images or movies displayed. The problem is the best place cialis pfizer canada that the generic cialis next day delivery sample content the EU is using is not representative of watching a movie at home. It is more like a computer display standard. A plasma screen showing movie content does not at all take 50% more power, unless it was mostly very very bright content throughout.

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