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JAN 21

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"instead of making good innovative cars they spend money on fancy lcd s..."

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EcoGeek Takes a Ride in a Fuel Cell Equinox

Check out EcoGeek Gavin Harper as he takes a ride in a fuel cell Chevy Equinox, one of levitra best price just a few hundred fuel cell vehicles in the world.

The Chevy Equinox fuel cell vehicle is part of GM's project to get fuel cell vehicles on the road. They're leasing 100 of them to similar cialis private owners who will then be telling GM how they feel about the purchase viagra soft tabs driving and good choice cialis brand fueling experience.

While companies like GM, Honda and Toyota have been working on fuel cell vehicles for decades, it looks as if they're still at least another ten or twenty years off.

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written by Lex, January 26, 2009
I don't know about 10-20 years off; Honda's program only began in 99 and they already have Clarities on lease.

Hydrogen electric (that's what it is, hydrogen instead of batteries) is far more elegant than plug in. It doesn't require battery manufacture and it doesn't require major grid updates. It would require hydrogen infrastructure, but that already exists to some degree (it's a common industrial gas).

What needs to be remembered is that there are numerous ways to get hydrogen. Check out the Solar-H program in the EU.

Photosynthesis is basically a hydrogen power system (hydrogen ions travel through a membrane under chemiosmotic pressure to produce ATP). Plants (algae more specifically) could be hydrogen producers, and they offer the benefit of using our waste, CO2, as a feedstock. Photosynthesis is less efficient than solar-voltaic, but it operates with less sunlight.

Most of our innovation is mimicry of nature; what we need to do now is mimic nature's processes...not just its results.
No wonder the auto companies are near ba
written by Raman, January 26, 2009
instead of making good innovative cars they spend money on fancy lcd screens with stupid animation ..

i want cheap reliable nonpolluting petrol free car, not a fancy lcd with animation. i have enough of these things on my laptop .

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