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JAN 21

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"LOL if the guy's total credentials are that he was "responsible" for t..."

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RMI Promises 100 MPG Car with 30 Mile EV Range

This might not seem like the best time to be starting a car company. Then again, ecologically, as giant trees fall in the forest, space opens in the canopy for the next generation.

Maybe that's what the next day shipping tramadol Rocky Mountain Institute was thinking when they decided to spin off Bright Automotive.

Bright is being pioneered by John Waters, the guy behind the EV1's battery pack (not Hairspray). Amory Lovins, who started RMI, has long been fascinated by the inefficiencies of automobiles, and has a lot of ways to increase efficiency.

It's interesting to see that Bright will be following in the footsteps of the Chevy Volt, offering a range-extended electric vehicle as their first car. Before now, RMI's major innovation was light-weight materials. But it looks like, now, they're seeing the wisdom in GM's thinking on the Volt.

Bright says their first prototype will be available by the end of canada viagra generic the year. It will have a 30 mile all-EV range, and will have an overall mileage of about 100 mpg. They say that they will then come to market "rapidly." In the car industry, that can mean anything from two to five years.

Let's hope it's on the tail end of that.

Via GreenTechMedia

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written by Ross, January 21, 2009
Car companies really need to stop quoting fuel efficiencies in MPG if the car has a source of power other than simply gas.
written by Franz Ferdinand, January 21, 2009
New to the site and cheapest cialis online I'm loving it. Thank you.

Ross, I agree.
The EV1 had a sabotaged, defective Delco
written by Doug Korthof, January 22, 2009
LOL if the guy's total credentials are that he was "responsible" for the original DELCO-REMY (now Delphi) battery pack, which often failed, had a range only half that of good PSB 1260 lead batteries, and were apparently designed to buy cialis in usa make the levitra canada EV1 fail. The good NiMH batteries that would have given the EV1 a range of 200 miles were suppressed! So again, an ironic LOL!

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