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JAN 26

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"As an owner of a 2008 BMW 128i I would certainly buy a diesel version ..."

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New BMW 123d Gets 53 MPG

When most Americans think of fuel economy, they perhaps think of Toyota (even though they're #10 in fuel economy.)  Among the last they would think of is German automaker BMW, known for its sports and luxury vehicles.

However, BMW's 1 series is making a strong case for the brand levitra company in the field of green performance.  The latest 1-Series variant from BMW, the 116d, is set to proves critics wrong by offering up some mean fuel economy.  The vehicle gets an impressive 53 MPG from a 2.0L four-cylinder diesel engine.  The engine offers 116 horsepower and 192 lb-ft of torque.  The new fuel economy rating is on par with Toyota's much-talked-about Prius and is BMW's most efficient model to date.

It can do a 0-62 MPH run in 10.2 seconds, on par with its competitors.  It features a number of gas-saving technologies including auto start/stop, Brake Energy Regeneration, an electric water pump, and numerous drive train modifications.  It comes in three and five-door body styles and brings classy styling and lots of viagra discount pharmacy luxury options ot the table.

Sadly, the vehicle won't be available in the U.S. anytime soon.  Europeans will get the 116d in March, though.  It will be priced at a relatively affordable £17,605 ($24,330 USD) in the UK.

Aside from proving BMW to be capable of offering top of the line green performance, the new entry also makes a strong case for diesels.  The debate over adopting more-efficient diesel engines, versus electric drive assist hybrids has been raging over the past decade in Europe and America.  America has sided with electric drive hybrids, while Europe has extensively developed diesel technology. 

We side with America on this one, though we certainly think there should be clean diesels in America ASAP. But making the internal combustion engine more efficient can only go so far while hybrids are simply a logical step toward a whole new kind of vehicle.

The 116d series is actually a diesel and cialis canda a mild hybrid, as it features the viagra soft tablets option to turn off the engine while coasting or slowing down.  It can then restart the engine thanks to it's cool viagra without prescription online its larger-than-average starter motor.  However, BMW prefers to avoid the term hybrid as people tend to associate it with hybrids electrically assisted drives like the Toyota Prius.

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written by Nikita Kondraskov, January 26, 2009
You forgot to mention that one has to press on the logo to open the fifth door in the back.

This is not only cool, but also a very efficient way to very good site levitra generico save space and resources.
written by Tom, January 26, 2009
Affordable fuel economy in a BMW; I'm sold.
written by Mark Derail, January 27, 2009
This is what should have been standard over twenty years ago. None of this was impossible, technically, back in the 90's.

written by G, January 27, 2009
How about combining the sale cialis best diesel technology in europe with the hybrid technology coming out here.

you'd get vehicles with routine fuel economy pretty damn close to 100 mpg.

That isn't just good, that is outstanding. Plenty of people are driving around 1996 diesels sold in the USA who easily routinely get 50mpg. Tail pipe or not, 50 mpg is 1/2 the fuel used by a 25mpg ULEV, it is time to work that aspect into the tail pipe or we will always be haunted but "clean emission" vehicles getting abysmally poor fuel economy.

The case for diesel is far stronger than the case against it IF everyone is willing to come to the discussion table with an open and unbiased mind.
written by David Burch, January 27, 2009
What about the problems diesel soot causes? Soot contributes to global warming by reducing ice reflectiveness (and increasing melting):
Diesel or not...!
written by Cydney Wuerffel, January 27, 2009
Eeek! I love this concept. And I see that the dilemma of to diesel or not rages on! I don't know enough about it yet- but a stylish BMW that get over 50 mpg? They're doing something right.

Plus, I think the generic levitra online pharmacy hybrid category could use a little design work. This is the first car that I can say actually doesn't look like a hybrid.
written by Yamaha Dirt Bikes, January 28, 2009
Good Efforts.Keep it up.
Best mileage vehicle
written by J-9, January 28, 2009
My 2000 VW Golf TDI has been getting 54 mpg on the highway since I purchased it new. Why doesn't this vehicle receive attention? It's a solidly made vehicle with front-wheel drive that navigates year-round in the Okanogan Highlands through snow, ice and high winds. It's survived deer strikes (yes, they can hit cars vs. cars hitting them), -45 though 109 degree weather and keeps on chugging along. Some kudos for this model, please.

NOTE: The Golf model was sandwiched between former and current Rabbits.
Clean Diesel
written by Clean Diesel, January 29, 2009
BMW is such a nice series and I love this article very much.This BMW series provide green terchnology.Thanks for your nice achievement.
written by G, January 30, 2009
David B, have you seen the tail pipe of a properly tuned modern Diesel? How much soot is coming out? The NOx and Particulate traps (current and canadian viagra scam tested technology) basically send very low levels of CO2 and water out the tail pipe of a diesel, and very little else. ZERO (or as near as you can get) Carbon Monoxide. diesel vehicles are quite a bit different in exhaust profiles than say tanker/container ships, jet engines, "diesel" locomotives. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water. I'm not trying to visit web site canada levitra generic diminish the findings reported about the soot's affect on the snow melt. But you have to consider all the options as well as the viagra price current (new car) output. Banning NEW diesels because of the harm old (10-15+ years old) diesel engines out there only hurts the global progress towards a cleaner environment.

That and there really isn't anything geekier than a hybrid turbo diesel... how awesome would THAT be!
written by S Baker, February 04, 2009
is that Imperial gallons or US gallons. I am guessing imperial which is 20% bigger. so if my math is correct 53 x.20 = 10.6 so 53 -10.6 = 42.4 MPG . So a 41 MPG + Ford fusion which emmits less Co2 is a better buy. Considering the ship the BMW would have to travel on to get to NA.
Nope, it's actually 53 mpg with US gallons
written by G Maia, July 16, 2009
the car uses 4.4 liters per 100 km. Do the math and that comes up to 53 mpg with US gallons, not Imperial.
written by BMWguy, January 07, 2010
123d isn't the same as 116d. They're both good cars, with different performance/efficiency targets, but you're talking about the smaller engine.
I have the BMW 1 series, would love a diesel
written by douglas, September 21, 2010
As an owner of a 2008 BMW 128i I would certainly buy a diesel version if offered.
Especially the 123d, 204 hp, 300 ft lbs, and 50mpg.
Diesel emmission concerns are solved, read up on Diesle fuel No 2, and bluetec and you'll see modern diesle is LESS emission than a Prius!!
Problem with diesel in USA is the premium attached for a diesel motor.
VW Golf, Gas $17k, Diesel 22K
BMW 328i gas, vs. 335d, over $7k price hike.

Looking at the BMW UK united kingdom website we see a 116d, 118d, 120d, and 123d, none of which have the $5k bump associated vs. the gas vehicles.
I had one of those 1981 oldsmobile diesels, and got a lucky it was not a lemon like so many, it was a 35 mpg V8 car. the torque was amazing. czbmh

The problem with all diesel cars

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