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JAN 27

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"Great Car, An electric car is a great concept...."

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The Opel Ampera: Europe's Chevy Volt

GM has announced that the Opel brand will be carrying their extended-range electric vehicle technology over to Europe. They've released a teaser photo of the car along with a press release that is pretty dang scant on information.

But we can guess that this will probably be exactly like the Chevrolet Volt except in styling and the size of soft cialis tablets its cup holders.

The car is obviously taking styling cues from the Volt, but also from the Opel brand. And I have to say...for an old logo, Opel's lightning bolt has never seemed more appropriate.

Another change to the car, it will charge with standard 230v European outlets...meaning faster charge times for Europeans (lucky!) The car will be officially (with lights) unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show in March. I'm looking forward to seeing it...since it seems pretty good looking from this one glimpse.


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written by Yamaha Dirt Bikes, February 02, 2009
Great Car,
An electric car is a great concept.

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