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"A very beautiful design. I'd buy one in a moment...."

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Loremo 120-MPG and Electric Prototypes Near Completion

What's green and uk viagra prices white and gets 120 mpg? The answer is the new Loremo, an upcoming compact ultra-efficient green vehicle, from the identically-named start up.

Some are critical of the Loremo's looks, but its streamlined design allows it to deliver unmatched aerodynamic performance and enables it to get extremely high fuel economy. The car is painted a stock cool white color, with a lime green also available.

Since 2000, Loremo has been hard at working cooking up the car, but it still has yet to produce an electric vehicle. However, according to Loremo all three of its powertrains should be finished this year, allowing the first prototypes to soon be produced. With Loremo saying that its liquid-fuel engine technology is mature enough, this means only the chassis, interior and shell work will remain.

The Loremo will be available in three variants, all of which the company says are progressing well. The first is a base Loremo, which will get 120 MPG on a 700 ccm diesel engine featuring turbo charging, inter-cooling and exhaust gas recycling. The gas mileage target was cut slightly from the original mark of 157 mpg, but it should still be sufficient to enter site buy viagra online australia win the Auto X Prize.

The second model is the Loremo GT, which not only brings sportier performance with a 850 ccm engine, but also will allow the car to run on liquefied natural gas (LNG) or pressurized natural gas (PNG).

The final model is the Loremo EV, Loremo's take on an ultra-efficient electric vehicle. This variant is perhaps the closest to production as test runs have been started and it has been certified of road-worthiness. Public tests of the Loremo EV should begin in March.

Things are looking good for Loremo possibly meeting its target launch date of 2009, or a just-slightly-delayed launch in early 2010. The vehicle is still expected to save you some green as well, debuting at the wallet-friendly price of 15,000 euros ($22,500) for the viagra from india basic model, or 20,000 euros ($30,000) for the GT.

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"Some are critical of the Loremo's looks
written by Scatter, February 02, 2009
Really? They should get their eyes checked. It's a very elegant, classic design. Reminds me of some 30s modernist car designs. Aerodynamic aesthetics look great in my view.
"Some are critical of the Loremo's looks
written by Aesthetix, February 02, 2009
"Some" are wrong. Good cars are aerodynamic, like the Loremo and especially the Aptera. If you like most of the boxy pieces of cialis australia no prescription shit that qualify as cars today your taste does not align with reality.
written by James, February 03, 2009
As for looks, that is, and will always be in the eye of the beholder. So why comment over it?
But the statement "unmatched aerodynamic performance" begs a comparison with the Aptera. I doubt any car coming online will beat the Aptera. Still, it is probably great compared to the best way to use viagra usual cars we see.
I like the price. where did this company come from? Any background?
glorified go cart!
written by larry, February 04, 2009
Has anyone seen these cars with people in them? unless your under 5ft5 forget it! The 'car' has no doors- you step over the front fender and steering wheel to enter. You half expect to online cialis see 5 dwarf clowns come running out of them. There are photos out there with people standing beside them and levitra england it looks like something a 5yr old would drive in the cul de sac.
Loremo; nice work!
written by Rosso, February 11, 2009
A very beautiful design.
I'd buy one in a moment.

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