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FEB 03

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Luminus to Make High-Powered White LEDs

Lighting company Luminus is teaming up with Japanese LED company Nichia to make parts for high-powerd LED lamps. Luminus has previously made chips for colored LEDs for projectors and TVs, but this new partnership will bring the company into the world of white LED lighting.

Luminus' Phlatlight chip design will be combined with Nichia's phosphorescent technology to build commercial LED lamps for streetlights, warehouses and arenas. Limunus chose to build lamps for the commercial market instead of consumer light bulbs because their manufacturing technology is best suited for high-intensity applications. While many of us are excitedly awaiting the LED replacement for incandescent bulbs, these larger-scale applications will make a bigger energy-saving impact. Commercial lighting is responsible for far more electricity use than residential.

Luminus is just one of many companies and groups of researchers vying to make their mark on the LED market. We reported just last week that scientists had discovered a way to make LEDs more cheaply. I think that with all the new developments in LEDs, within a year the options for both consumer and residential lighting are going to be much greater, and hopefully cheaper.

via CNET

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Thanks for the LED update!
written by Wilbur Harden, February 06, 2009
Hey John,

Thanks for taking the time to share this with our newly formed "Right" Green Group in SF. In regards to LED lighting as a viable consumer product, cost is an ongoing factor. However, it is definitely something to closing monitor.
Your thoughts?

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