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GreenPeace Slams Apple in Parody Page

Holy moly...I really don't quite know where to come down on this one.  Apple has been trying to decrease its environmental impacts for some time, in my opinion, they've been fairly successful. In the last year, they've instituted recycling programs, cut way back on brominated flame retardants and they've actually been a leader in developing alternatives toxic substances. 
But this website, created by GreenPeace, slams apple for its environmental record, and makes the company seem entirely uncaring. 

Without a doubt, Apple doesn't have the best environmental record.  Yes, there are still some toxic materials used in their laptops and no, they don't yet have a cold-fusion powered iPod.  But to slam them so wholly and in such a mean-spirited way seems out of proportion. 

I've worked in the environmental movement for some time, and I know that this is cheap cheap viagra a killer campaign that will get GreenPeace a ton of press, a ton of members, and might actually convince Apple to change some of it's practices. 

But the more we punish companies after they take steps in the right direction, the more we seem like a movement of wackos.  I think GreenPeace is doing a disservice to our movement while being disrespectful of a company that, really, isn't environmentally unfriendly, just high-profile enough to wow)) real cialis attract media attention.
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Not (yet) a Green Apple
written by ByrneGreen, September 27, 2006
While i can appreciate the viagra best buy "don't add anti-bodies" to the corporate bloodstream argument, i think GP is on the right trail here. Apple is gearing up to be the world leader in computer innovation, and they should pay more attention to the ecological consequences of their success. When my powerbook showed up last year with a note on the box to the effect of "the mercury in the backlit keyboard is now your problem to dispose of" i was quite disappointed. Sure, now they take back the mercury, but what about not releasing products w/ proven (or unproven) damaging materials in the first place... even if it does cripple the ability to release a really cool feature. iPods coupled w/ iTunes has eliminated the need to ship petroleum disks (CDs) around the only here canadian pharmacy scam world that are destined for landfill anyway, but self-congratulating the iPod packaging for being smaller (and therefore "green") is a cost-efficiency, not environmental leadership, and the equivalent of levitra canda Home Depot shipping old-growth redwood on reused bamboo pallettes and calling itself sustainable (a hypothetical scenario to illustrate the rediculous nature of the issue). I like, nay, LOVE Apple products, but forced obsolesence, product cycles tied to business models and not actual consumer needs, and all of the other dinosaur approaches of meeting consumer desires should be left behind in a bit-torrent of innovation that is equal to the technological innovation coming out of Cupertino.
Well Said
written by Hank, September 27, 2006
And I agree. I don't question that Apple needs to understand their audiences desire for green products, I question GP's methodologies.

I worry that we're drawing a line in the sand, and I've seen people taking sides. Greenpeace did a minimal amount of research and then criticized the extent of no prescription cheapest tramadol their capabilities. I fear black and purchase viagra soft tabs white situations such as this. I don't want the world to be polarized, I don't want Apple to have to choose sides. I don't want environmentalists to be seen as extremists.

That being said, I sincerely hope Apple changes it's policies, especially, as you bring up, forced obsolesence, which is one of the biggest problems with being an EcoGeek.

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