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"I think unless anyone one has their personal experience no one can com..."

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Chevy Volt to Get an Ultra-Efficient Bose Sound System

You don't think of your sound system as a big drain on you car's power. But with the Chevy Volt trying to squeeze 40 miles of all-electric power out of the brand name cialis overnight smallest battery possible, every bit counts. Engineers even had to re-design the windshield wiper system to make it less of generic levitra uk a drain on the batteries.

GM has announced that the Chevy Volt's sound system will be produced by high-end stereo maker Bose...and that it will be 50% more efficient than the average car's sound system. Bose is going to open this line of energy efficient sound systems to other vehicles and best deal for propecia manufacturers as well. The video below takes you on viagra legal a little tour of the partnership.

The system is also 30% smaller and 40% lighter. Keeping volume and weight of vehicles down is also important for maintaining efficiency. And in keeping with GM's promise to provide a green car "without sacrifice" this thing is still a Bose sound system, so it will still sound damn good.

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written by Eric, February 16, 2009
Bose speakers are light because their cones are made of paper. Ask anyone who knows anything about home theater (or even car audio) equipment. Bose is absolute junk - all marketing and no engineering.

Great move on Chrysler's part though...they can take advantage of the fact that 90% of the population mistakenly believes that Bose is a quality brand, and then use their very weakness (cheap, low quality speakers) and turn it into a greenwashed "feature" of their new car.
written by Rob Chant, February 16, 2009
Great news, but, man, that video was cheesy!
Paying for the name...
written by Damo, February 16, 2009
...will increase the cost of the car by that little bit more. Thereby putting electric powered cars just a little bit more out of reach for the average citizen.

Nice move.
written by D, February 17, 2009
I think a better idea would be for them to get into some talks with those MIT kids who are developing electricity generating shocks so that they can have another source of regenerative power to keep the cialis from mexico batteries charged longer for more range pre-gas.
written by Yamaha Dirt Bikes, February 19, 2009
I think unless anyone one has their personal experience no one can comment on the product.Talking about system,the system in the video is really good.

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