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FEB 18

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"Tesla new S model is about to launch.Its performance till now is best...."

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Tesla Back on buy viagra in canada Track for Model S Plant

Tesla will be showing off a prototype of their $60,000 Model S luxury sedan next month. The car is only here cialis australia the next step in Tesla's plan to cialis super active make electric vehicles cheap and buy cheap generic cialis available to all. This step from a $110,000 car to a $60,000 car is certainly a big one...and all they need to do is halve it again to get to the level of a Chevy Volt! Albeit with no backup system and only a 200 mile range.

Tesla looked as if it was going to have to cheepest cialis stall out plans to build the the best choice buy levitra at a discount Model S, as they were running short on cash and needed several hundred million dollars to build the Model S factory. Fortunately for them, the Department of Energy will likely be granting them a $350 M loan for the factory. They hope to have those funds in "four to five" months.

The Model S represents Tesla's opportunity to become a truly significant company that makes an actual impact on the environment. But it's also the company's biggest risk yet. I've got no problem with the Roadster, but it's a small market and impractical car built for a small-market filled with impractical cars. Buyers of luxury sedans expect a lot more from their cars than buyers of sports cars.

It is yet to be seen if luxury drivers will be able to make the compromises (in range and re-charge times) that electric vehicles currently require. Of course, it's always possible that Tesla will create a range-extended version of tramadol 270 pills overnight the Model S, as they discussed previously.

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What compromises?
written by Grant, February 18, 2009
How is buying a car with a 200 mile range a compromise? This is only an issue if you are driving more than 200 miles in a single day. How often do you have a need for that?

As for recharging, if you can do this at home, what difference does it make if it takes 10 minutes or 8 hours? If you can do it at the where buy cialis office, same question.

I see these two issues being brought up again and again about electric cars. People forget that gas-based cars have a real limit to their range as well, but the infrastructure (gas stations) is in place so you don't think about it. Obviously, the infrastructure is going to catch up once electric cars are common. Office buildings, malls, restaurants, hotels, and any place with a parking lot will start to have charging stations (some complimentary, some for a fee--similar to how Wi-Fi is now).

There are many reasons people might not want to buy a new electric car (price, safety, no reliability history, etc.), but range and charging time seem to be really overblown in their significance.
written by kerry bradshaw, February 18, 2009
Actual impacts from an electric vehicle won't be noticeable until we have 40 or 60 million on the road in just the US alone. Tesla cars aren't going to prosper because BYD can destroy their economics and practicality. Tesla doesn't even have the enginering skills to levitra uk build a range extended EV. Battery-only electrics are a very bad joke and online pharmacy propecia renova the ultimate niche car. Period. End of sentence.
written by richard, February 19, 2009
What is more limited
1, a vehicle powered by limited supply of fossil fules
2, a vehicle powered by an unlimited (relatively) supply of solar, hydro and other sustainable electric energies?

I have always wanted one since I first saw it on you tube a few years ago
Luxury drivers are MOST apt to put up wi
written by harumf, February 20, 2009
"It is yet to be seen if luxury drivers will be able to make the compromises (in range and recharge times) that electric vehicles currently require."

Well, out of any segment of the driving population, I'd say this is the best fit. Your traveling salesman and your road-tripper are not driving luxury vehicles; they're driving comodity sedans (think Camry). If a luxury-car driver is generic levitra online pharmacy going someplace more than 300 miles away (yeah...good job citing 200 as the range. The roadster does about 250, and Model S is supposed to be around 300) they are probably going to fly anyway. If we get the same improvement in 3 years for the third model, we'll be looking at a mass-market sedan for $28,000 that goes 360 miles...sounds good to me.
Good Performance till now
written by Yamaha Dirt Bikes, February 26, 2009
Tesla new S model is about to launch.Its performance till now is best.Its lithium-ion system of energy storage have enable it to cover a wide range in few seconds.Its performance has been good.
Looking forward for its new launch very soon.

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