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"If it is true, it will benefit many countries...."

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Solar Cells Will be Printed Like Money

One of canada drug cialis the benefits to solar cells compared to other renewable energy technologies is cialis generic that they're small and flexible and researchers have been able to how to get levitra no prescription come up with lots of different ways to manufacture and use them. From cells so small they could be sprayed onto surfaces to cells built into the price of propecia prescription viagra slats of blinds, scientists and designers have used their creativity, but what if you could get sheets of solar cells with a hit of the print button? That's just what researchers in Australia think is possible.

CSIRO's Future Manufacturing Flagship in Australia is researching ways to print plastic solar cells reel-to-reel with the help of banknote printing company Securency International.

Flexible, organic solar cells will be printed on viagra soft polymer in large sheets, just like money. Once printed, the sheets could be used to cover large areas like rooftops or conformed to fit smaller surfaces. The researchers think this project could change the solar industry because it would allow solar cells to be manufactured cheaply and quickly and in large quantities.

The $12 million AUD, three-year project has already hit the halfway point with printing trials already beginning. While this innovation is very promising, I'd really like to see more information on the efficiency of the solar cells being made and what the costs would be compared to other forms of solar technology, even if those numbers are just estimates at this point.

via Physorg

Image via CSIRO

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i hate you youngins
written by grandma cherry, February 20, 2009
Always recycle young man.Your generation is recking the world.
written by Adriana, February 20, 2009
this sounds so cool!

to the comment above... or below... anyways the one before mine.

this is recycling.
written by Robert, February 20, 2009
I believe that these solar cells are like ink on a press. Different solar cell ink will pick up different frequencies of light. So you can print 3 different solar frequencies on one polymer sheet. This makes them more efficient than the solar panels that we are used to seeing. I read this somewhere but I don't remember where.
written by richard, February 21, 2009
who ever creates a truly renewable energy for mass production will be very powerful and buy levitra at a discount rich - instead of pouring money in to failing economies around the world we should be supporting projects like this - brilliant job keep it up
written by Chris, February 21, 2009
Although the sprayed solar cells entrhalled me even more. Anything to make solar energy usage more cost-effective is a step in the right direction.
written by raul, February 21, 2009
isn't this what nanosolar is best levitra doing??
Not so new?
written by Robert Stockham, February 21, 2009
I believe that this was the goal of American firm Kanarka(?) who have since moved on to other technologies, as this didn't pan out as far as efficiency to cost. Have there been new developments in this arena?
written by Herno, February 21, 2009
Has anyone seen calculations for the buy viagra no prescription required change in the urban heat island effect when all the roofs are covered in black silicon? I´m not saying it is not better for the environment but I´m wondering if microclimates in cities will be better or worst, once we get rid of all extra CO2, but have everything coated with silicon. Anyone?
written by pays to live green, February 22, 2009
I agree with the other commentors. This is a great idea and more money should be put into research projects like these.
written by Carl, February 22, 2009
Several of the new technologies from more than a dozen startups offer the possibility of cheap simple manufacturing and flexible substrate-- not just organic PV. For example, CIGS companies like Nanosolar or Miasole have a goal of
written by AJ, February 22, 2009
If this is another like all of discount cialis without prescription the other brilliant ideas and innvoations that the CSIRO has developed, the governement will cut funding to it. It will then be commercialised by disgruntled scientists who leave the CSIRO and then, not be able to get funding from unimaginative Australian venture capitilists, they will take the manufacturing overseas and Australia will get no benefit.
Damn shame
solar dollars
written by Jac, February 23, 2009
why don't we make energy our currency?
written by Peter McEvoy, February 23, 2009
Ahh, technology.
Heat island effect
written by Brak, February 23, 2009
Has anyone seen calculations for the change in the urban heat island effect when all the roofs are covered in black silicon?

You mean as compared to when all the roofs (and roads, for that matter) are covered in black asphalt? I doubt it will make much of a difference. And remember, 15-20% of what is absorbed by the silicon doesn't generate heat, it generates electricity.
written by John, February 24, 2009
I thought that is what nanosolar is doing, even if they sale only to levitra en gel germany
And ...
written by Joe, February 25, 2009
Yes, yes, we know ... it's all amazing. We've been hearing this for years and frankly I'm tired of hearing the same story over and over. The only important questions are:

1. When can we buy a roll of this stuff at Home Depot?

2. How much will is cost?

Until these questions are answered, the stories just don't matter.
Awesome if it gets down to the end user
written by Lester Fotovoltaico, February 26, 2009
This technology will be awesome when and viagra using where it reaches the end user. I myself would use it in my house if I could buy it at a reasonable price.

interior designer
written by barbionit, March 01, 2009
when will see products like these for sale at Ace or Home Depot, what is the problem?
written by Richard Davine, March 01, 2009
Further research can be found at:
Great idea. We already lead the world in plastic currency. It's great, you can wash $20 in your jeans and have a nice clean note in perfect condition.
written by Bill Bristow, March 07, 2009
I am paert of a compnay that has a smaal Solar Factory in India. We are working with Solar Cells and are producing a product that is working very well in Kenya and proving electricity to areas with no power. Schools etc now have some power.

We are working on improvement. I will keep you posted.

"Always recycle young man.Your generatio
written by Scott, March 16, 2009
What did your generation do to leave ours with a 'clean slate'? Save your hypocritical praise, we are attempting to make reformations.
written by kevin, January 07, 2011
really? what about the cost,if so???
so cool
written by Joy , October 16, 2012
If it is true, it will benefit many countries.

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