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FEB 23

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"Do a google Scholar search on best canadian pharmacy global warming. It's hard to find a prof..."

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Harry Reid Says Energy and the best choice generic viagra india Climate Bills Coming Soon

Now that the stimulus bill has passed, Congress is moving on to order discount tramadol more environment-specific legislation. According to a recent AP interview, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid expects an energy bill to be ready for a vote within the next few weeks and a climate change bill to be ready by the end of the summer.

The upcoming energy bill will focus on renewable energy and efficiency and will most likely include a national energy standard requiring 20 percent of the energy generated by utilities to come from renewable sources by 2020. A national standard has been proposed before unsuccessfully, but now that several states have passed their own mandates, it's likely to have a better shot this time around.

The senator also expects more tax incentives for energy efficiency, particularly in the construction and retro-fitting of buildings, to be included in the bill.

The climate change bill will concern actions necessary to slow down global warming and will most likely be put to a vote before the international climate negotiations happening in Copenhagen in December. The climate change bill is expected to ganeric cialis be more controversial and involve topics like CO2 emission caps.

So far, it seems the new administration is keeping its promise to act quickly on energy and environmental issues. We'll be keeping close tabs on what comes of selling propecia online these bills and buying viagra in new zealand keeping our fingers crossed for effective legislation.

via AP

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Reed sI full of hot air
written by zapperz, February 23, 2009
Let Reed and Pelosi flap the jaws, they could heat alaska for a life time.. shut them warming will stop
written by hsr0601, February 24, 2009
There is an inventor from Wisconsin who invented an all-electric car in the form of a Ford Ranger that was shown at the KARE 11 fair booth at the 2008 Minnesota State Fair.

It is capable of reaching 100 miles per hour in speed, has a range of 300 miles, charges in 10 minutes and is pollution free with only the wow)) online viagra sales pollution that is lowest price for cialis done to make the electricity to charge it.

The inventor of this invention has, to my understanding, approached Ford Motor Company with his invention. The Ford Motor Company, in my estimation, should latch onto this idea, pronto.

My understanding is there are members of Congress who are trying to shoot down this idea of professional cialis online an electric car.

Where is there any common sense in this country?
written by MD, February 24, 2009
Yeah but is the maker of the KARE11 a UAW member?

I doubt it...

The .gov pigs at the trough do not help those who have not helped them...

My coworker has a late 80's Ford Escort that runs on batteries too... no .gov money for him either..

You need to realize that the .gov piggies do not give a fiddlers F about one persons innovation, one vote does not count for jack...

And the people who appear to cialis prescription be running this country have a lot of people on their payback list.
Alternative Energy
written by Heather, February 25, 2009
I am very much dying to see this alternative energy plan attempted.

It seems to me this is smoke and mirrors. Solar power and wind power both need very large areas of land to be viable; transmission lines require large areas of land also.

It will be amusing to watch the Liberals enviromentalist friends suddenly agreeing to all this construction on where can i buy levitra these huge tracks of land, to provide enough solar and wind power to meet the needs that the Democrats claim they will deliver.

The enviromentalist love alternative energy on paper. But at some point you have to viagra sales in canada stick a shovel in the ground! That is when they show up to oppose and protest every power plant project!

The only alternative energy power plants are in the Democrats fantasies!
Electric cars
written by Heather, February 25, 2009
How much difference does it make if we move all the energy demands we currently fill with gasoline, to the buy cialis uk electrical power grid for electrical cars?

Does anyone really think that we can switch to renewable alternative energy sources and purchase cialis at the same time add to that the demand of all the cars, buses and trucks?

I think anyone who thinks this is going to happen is insane. without at least nuclear power,
2020 too late?
written by Heather, March 04, 2009
Do a google Scholar search on global warming. It's hard to find a professional/scholarly article out there that says this is not a much bigger issue than the small chunk government is addressing. 2020 may be too late by most research articles.

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