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MAR 02

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"When I think about Green PCs, I'm usually reminded of a company called..."

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Dell Shows Its Green Stripes At Greener Gadgets

Last Friday, at the Greener Gadgets conference in New York City, EcoGeek had the chance to viagra online deals sit down with Michael Murphy, Dell’s senior manager of environmental affairs. Mr. Murphy was at the conference to participate in a panel discussion entitled “Measuring Your Hue of Green” – where he (as well as a representative from Intel, among others) talked about how consumer electronic businesses can lead and are already leading the industry in green corporate practice.

Over the last year, Dell has been embarking on various green initiatives, the most prominent of no rx tramadol cheap which was their announcement that the company was, officially, 100% carbon neutral. Some critics questioned this title, pointing to the levitra for cheap canadian pharmacy fact that a large part of that “carbon netural” tag came from carbon offsets. When asked to address this, Mr. Murphy pointed out that Dell’s Austin headquarters were entirely run on renewable energy, as were the offices in Oklahoma City. He said that Dell was committed to running on canada pharmacy propecia renewable power wherever it was available, and that the offsets are only for those geographies where renewable power is not feasible.

He also made it clear that Dell’s products rightfully deserved to be called green. One of Dell’s big pushes was to build laptops whose displays used LED backlights. LEDs make a laptop more power efficient, and they contain no mercury. More importantly, though, power-sipping LEDs give what all customers want the most – longer battery life.

According to Murphy, the LED move summarizes Dell’s green philosophy: make a better product, and it will naturally be greener. A green computer is not a computer that skimps on performance. It is a computer that is lowest price tramadol built out of better materials, in a smarter way, will last longer, and will cost less.

Dell has also been taking steps to consider the overall lifetime of the computer. Dell offers the only free consumer recycling and takeback program across the globe, and they also have developed a program called Reconnect with Goodwill Industries. This program not only allows people to donate their old computers rather than throw them away, but also provides jobs for people in the recycling industry. Mr. Murphy pointed out that Dell had become so involved in these recycling programs that they were making changes in the way they designed machines -just so that the recycling could be done more smoothly and efficiently.

Dell is doing a lot. Some may take issue with the term carbon neutrality, or with offset usage in general. But it is clear that Dell is delivering when it comes to leadership. They are not only working to embody green values, but are teaching the lessons of responsibilities to all their partners, at every step in their supply chain. As Mr. Murphy’s put it, Dell is learning a lot by trying to make its own facilities greener, and they see it as their duty to only now cheap levitra share what they learn with the rest of the industry.

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A good start by Dell, but...
written by roo, March 03, 2009
... are Dell also working on making their desktops and servers more power efficient too? The ability to cut the power consumption of genuine pfizer viagra disc drives and processors seems to be hardly examined by big companies like Dell, yet smaller companies are making desktop PC's with a fraction of the energy use of a comparable standard desktop.
written by Jacob, March 03, 2009
what's so bad about offsets? What if they are offsets bought from a renewable utility? Like a wind or solar farm?
Greenwash to me...
written by Poida, March 03, 2009
I have measured the power used by Dell, HP/Compaq, Optima & several generic brands of PC - when they were SHUT DOWN! The greenest device of the lot were the HP LCD monitors. The PC's all consumed at least 15-28 watts. Dell was no better than anyone else. HP's LCD monitors used no measurable power when shut down.

Sounds trivial, but where I work (schools) we have over 130,000 PC's in our state. That equates to over $3,000,000 of wasted electricity a year.

If PC makers would stop that "shut down" power wastage (what good is the power switch then??) then how much power would be saved EVERY YEAR? Enough to shut down a power station or two???

RE: Good Start
written by Kev, March 03, 2009
Processor and drive power consumption is, of course, being looked at by the big computer and component manufacturers. As the size and levitra cost in mexico reliability of Solid State Drives (SSD) continues to improve, we will see them move into the levitra 10 mgs large scale server and storage markets. It is already a popular option in the consumer world and, along with LED backlights, have considerably less power consumption allowing for longer battery life. Intel has been working on reducing mobile processor power consumption for years now, does that translate over into their high end processor design for desktops, workstations and servers? I'm sure in some ways it does wherever possible. What the companies are not willing to do, because customers aren't willing, is sacrifice performance for power consumption.
Good Comment from Poida
written by anna, March 03, 2009
Poida, your comment was very well made. This also doesn't include people who keep their monitors or computers on at night....wonder what that number would look like.
Dell should also lead in eliminating sla
written by David, March 03, 2009
They should also lead by banning the purchase of parts from companies that treat their employees like slaves.
What about duration of just try! generic viagra overnight usability?
written by Mark Dixon, March 03, 2009
One of the biggest frustrations for many computer owners is the fact that they can basically expect their computer to become hopelessly obsolete in about 3-5 years, depending on their use. When will we be able to swap out core components of the machine (i.e. processor) as upgrades become available/necessary?
duration of usability?
written by eh, March 03, 2009
I'm not worried about obsolete, I'd like a Dell laptop where the chasis mount for the screen hinges doesnt fatigue and then fracture off the chasis. I've had to replace these twice, which involves almost a complete disassembly and reassembly of the laptop. What a PITA!
Well done Dell
written by Green PC, March 04, 2009
First of all i would like to congrats Dell about their steps in Green technology. Its very much important for all of us that we have to follow green technology because we have to save the environment as well as we have to save energy and money by using green resources. WE have to take care of energy in our office just like to shutdown computer, off screen while not working. etc,,,

SO Keep it up Dell with your green technology
written by Jonathan, March 04, 2009
Yes, actually they are. Check out
Are Dell Products Reliable
written by Cadence, March 06, 2009
I'm glad Dell is doing something. Unpluging is important. My issue is that I bought a brand new Dell laptop, and it's mother board fried within a year, its chassis is viagra 100mg poorly design, hence it flexes too much, which lead to rx online cialis memory burn out as well. Sending it in to fix it, is a waste of raw material, gas to ship, also they couldn't send the viagra for sale right things back, wrong disk drive came back with it. It can help get the impression that Dell just isn't very competent over all. It's nice that their trying. But it really about time that things were made right.... ooops, I forgot.. we still live in cut throat capitalist environment, don't we?
Green PC
written by bj79, March 18, 2009
When I think about Green PCs, I'm usually reminded of a company called Userful. I've used their software and it's great stuff. They just recently set a world record in Brazil delivering over 365,000 desktops. If you guys are really into green computing, check them out:
Green PC
written by bj79, March 19, 2009
When I think about Green PCs, I'm usually reminded of a company called Userful. I've used their software and it's great stuff. They just recently set a world record in Brazil delivering over 365,000 desktops. If you guys are really into green computing, check them out:

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