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MAR 03

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"While we get the Malibu look-alike. I wonder why their market share h..."

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GM Unveils Opel Ampera at Geneva Auto Show

In January, we told you about the Opel Ampera, GM's European-version of the Chevy Volt. At that time, all they had released was a teaser photo, but yesterday, the Ampera was officially unveiled at the best place for viagra Geneva Auto Show.

The Ampera will use the same platform and canada generic cialis extended-range drivetrain as the Volt, and as appearances go, they're also pretty darn similar. The big difference is the black console and red detailing in the interior that GM says may be available as an option in the Volt. Otherwise, any design differences in the Ampera are not expected to show up in the Volt.

After the jump are more shots of the Ampera, inlcuding the interior.




via GM-Volt

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Once again GM sends their great detailin
written by BobS, March 04, 2009
While we get the Malibu look-alike. I wonder why their market share has been eroding for decades to wow look it viagra pharmacy in india companies that bring their European designs to the cialis dosage states...

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