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MAR 11

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"is not only a good action to control the pollution, is a need in our t..."

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EPA Proposes Rule to Require Reporting of Greenhouse Gases

As has been expected, the EPA has proposed a rule that would require industries to monitor and best price viagra australia report their greenhouse gas emissions. Under the rule, the first data will be reported in 2011 after being collected throughout 2010. This proposal is being viewed as an important first step to regulating greenhouse gases in the near future.

The rule was introduced under the Clean Air Act and would cover 85 to 90 percent of cheap quality viagra emissions in the U.S. The gases required to be reported will include carbon dioxide, methane, hydrofluorocarbons and nitrous oxide.

A couple of industries that would be required to report emissions are auto companies, who will have to report the online viagra utah grams of emissions per mile for all vehicles they make and power plants, although a lot of data on tramadol no rx paypal power plants is already known.

For now, there is a 60-day public comment period before the rule can be enacted. While this was an expected move from the EPA, it's still a very welcome and important one. Collecting these numbers from industries and being able to regulate emissions will be necessary if major reforms are to be made.

via Green Inc.

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Will companies report honestly?
written by Adam Pieniazek, March 11, 2009
Does anyone else find a big similarity between this EPA rule and the SEC's decision a few years back to allow banks to set their own loans to cash reserves ratio? Banks then went and good choice viagra ed overlent because they could. By the same token, what's going to stop companies from under-reporting emissions? By all means, this ruling is a good first step but we shouldn't trust companies to accuratly report emissions, especially if it directly impacts their bottom line.
Reporting on the reporters
written by Iswandi Marful, March 12, 2009
The reporting is generic viagra samples the welcomed thing indeed but what do we know about the reporting thing itself. Is the reporting based on first or second order field overflow?

Can we be condimentiful in relation to this extract of policy?

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Public Comments?
written by Frank Marescalco, March 12, 2009
How do we comment? The article mentions a 60-day public commenting period.
written by rayq, March 16, 2009
You should take a look at this. These guys seem to have found an answer.
Introduction to the Y3000 Plan
and with all reasons to do this
written by shadow, October 21, 2010
is not only a good action to control the pollution, is a need in our times, the earth can't wait for our help, if we don't do anything our time will come soon.

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