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MAR 13

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"when bamboo is cut down and search levitra treated to use as household accessory,does..."

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Biotech Company Working to cialis medication Save Bamboo and Save the Planet

Bamboo products have exploded in the market recently. Bamboo is being used in flooring, textiles and all sorts of household items. Its popularity is based on its reputation as a sustainable material. It's a hardy plant that can thrive without the use of pesticides and in many climates and it grows quickly, so what is cut down can be easily replaced. At least that's what has been assumed.

It turns out that bamboo's popularity has led to it being over-harvested and not only is it not being replaced quickly enough with new growth, but many species are on the online rx viagra verge of extinction. Even though it grows quickly, turns out it's very hard to propagate from seeds. That's where Booshoot Gardens, a biotechnology company, comes in. They have figured out a way to propagate bamboo species through tissue culture and are cultivating various species in mass amounts in their greenhouses in Washington state.

Booshoots supplies nurseries and viagra prescription agroforesters with bamboo to ensure that the grass continues to be available and thrive. The continuing existence of large quantities of bamboo is to the benefit of the environment. Bamboo absorbs more CO2 than trees and releases more oxygen, so it's important that bamboo not just be used as a material, but also stay in the ground.

Of course, even with Booshoots propagating bamboo in a sustainable way, there are still many questions left about what processes are used to make bamboo products and what is being cut down in order to make room for bamboo. As it continues to grow in popularity, standards will have to be put in place to truly make it sustainable, but at least there is a company out there like Booshoot that is doing their part to help the plant and the planet.

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written by Karl, March 14, 2009
I have heard that making clothes from bamboo is a very chemical-intensive process. Has anyone else heard the same?
Yay, bamboo! but the follow link generic viagra professional CO2 absorption ?
written by Fred, March 15, 2009
The current quantity of atmospheric CO2 is barely above the starvation level for plants, and it is lower now than it has been for virtually all of the last 500 million years.

CO2 is NOT driving temp increases, it is NOT a pollutant, and it is NOT a problem that we need to solve.

Here's the science:

But bamboo is a wonderful renewable resource which we should husband and grow for all sorts of useful things. So, hooray for Booshoots!

written by Bob Wallace, March 16, 2009
Fred, if you spout garbage about CO2 how can anyone possibly pay any attention to overnight viagra brand anything else you post?

Credibility is a terrible thing to lose....
@Bob you're wrong
written by Folten Heisert, March 16, 2009
Bob, this current epoch of canadian healthcare Earth's history (the Holocene period) indeed has the lowest C02 levels. For most of mother Earth's existence, CO2 levels have been way way higher.

It would be more logical for us to treat the current levels of CO2 as an anomaly.
written by Elijah, March 16, 2009
To you guys:

Science is supposed to remain objective, but the presentation you link was given to a bunch of miners by a guy who is a mining company owner. He's got a serious conflict of interest problem, and he's deliberately picking and choosing what data he presents and how he presents it, such that it's easily misinterpreted. It helps especially that he misinterprets it.

To get back on topic:

It would be a big step towards making bamboo sustainable if they harvested it from areas where it is an invasive species (like here in Georgia).
bamboo scarcity
written by Melissa, March 20, 2009
The National Zoo has also had problems with the over-harvesting of bamboo. They were running out of the crop to feed the pandas and put out a request to homeowners in the DC area who have bamboo on their properties for extra supplies.

There are a couple of only best offers buy viagra without a prescription different types of bamboo. I'm not sure if the type that is terribly invasive here is the us levitra type that can be used for floors, cloth, etc. Anyone know more on that?
written by Fred, July 13, 2009
bamboo plants are so cool
written by Marci, July 16, 2009
Well, that settles it, when I do my upcoming landscape project with retaining wall, so that I can put up a fence, I will definitely plant clumpingbamboo for a natural fence at the back of my yard rather than buying bamboo fencing. In fact, I can probably get away with planting it just behind the retaining wall at the edge of a common area between the backs of people's property. Now where can I get a couple of pandas?LOL
written by Bamboo clothes, October 15, 2013
Please Give Some Examples of Eco-friendly Consumers Goods? Eco-friendly products are are also useful for our environment. thanks for sharing this site.
written by sonali, March 20, 2014
when bamboo is cut down and treated to use as household accessory,does it still absorb CO2?

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