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MAR 18

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"While deploying a smart grid is a great step towards more efficient, i..."

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AT&T Working With SmartSynch on Smart Grid Communication

AT&T has designed a a new suite of services for SmartSynch's SmartMetering technology. The services will enable utilities and cialis on line customers to communicate directly with each other over AT&T's wireless network.

The prospect of a smart grid has been overwhelming for utilities because of the new infrastructure and technology that will have to be implemented, but using an already in place wireless network for communication will probably cut out a lot of look there cialis pfizer canada headaches. Utilizing AT&T's national network instead of having to purchase cialis usa build new networks could ultimately mean a cheaper and faster set up for smart grid communications.

Obviously, much more will have to be done to get a smart grid up and running, but solving how the customers send information to their utility would mean clearing a major hurdle.

SmartSynch and AT&T have already worked together to link commerical and industrial customers with their utilities, but this partnership will expand their work into the levitra in uk residential market. AT&T has apparently realized that smart grids will be the new frontier for communications companies and are jumping in early to stake out their place in the market. If their technology can make a smart grid a reality sooner rather than later, I'm glad to see them involved.

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written by Francisco, March 18, 2009
This is really exciting! I'm a strong supporter of smart grids. I live in the republic of Panama, and over here there isn't any legislation in place that even allows on-grid solar systems, much less promote it!

I started a small eco-firm over here, and we're currently promoting off grid installations and wow look it generic levitra from canada also solar water heating for residential and industrial use.

The important part to remember though is that with on grid systems, the grid becomes your battery bank, which slashes the initial "parts" costs in half.

Also home would have much more control over energy waste and would blunt the "surges" which would take away the excuse for electrical companies to charge people for electricity they could potentially, yet never actually use.

This is such a big requirement for micro generation to become viable and truly mainstream.
written by Robb Henshaw, March 21, 2009
While deploying a smart grid is a great step towards more efficient, integrated utilities delivery, we need to keep in mind that this is not the end game.

While the smart grid is certainly more efficient, it is still a separate walled garden that does not integrate with important services, such as renewable energy. Eventually, the smart grid will need to evolve and embrace the openness of renewable energy systems, which already have the capabilities to sync and integrate with many other renewable energy systems via open energy management solutions.

I work with Fat Spaniel -- -- one of the companies that designs these open energy management platforms. We're already working with thousands of energy systems across more than 15 countries to help them monitor and manage all of buy cheap online cialis their renewable energy systems from one central platform. This increases the efficiency, performance and best generic cialis 5mg prices production of these systems significantly.

And now we're working with leaders in smart grid technology, too, to help move the industry forward. We look forward to the day where the walls are broken down between traditional utilities and renewable energy systems, so that all can be managed and monitored via one integrated platform -- which will not only maximize the production and efficiency of these systems, but also make them far more cost effective.

And that's the final point I think we all need to keep in consideration -- how do we achieve great systems like these in a cost effective manner? In today's economic climate, and with significant amounts of stimulus money being proposed for the advancement of these projects, it is no longer enough just to cheapest viagra online be green. We need to be able to pair eco responsibility with fiscal responsibility, and open energy monitoring helps achieve that.

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