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IBM Dives Into Water Purification

IBM has unveiled a new nanotechnology that can both rid our water supply of toxins and desalinate salt water. IBM calls the filtering membrane a "water superhighway" because it removes toxins like arsenic from contaminated water at a greater rate as the pH level increases.

As water flows through the membrane, salts and toxins are removed so that only pure water remains when it makes it through. The membrane is also resistant to chlorine damage. This technology isn't new to IBM, just new in this application. The same chemistry and nanotech has been used in their PC semiconductor chips.

Beyond this water-scrubbing membrane, IBM also introduced a whole series of water management services to help in the discount cialis fedex measurement, monitoring and metering of water levels, contamination and usage for businesses and governments. Water quality and availability is often overlooked as we focus on other environmental issues, but it's becoming clearer that water issues need to where to buy cialis us be a priority as well. You can read about the various things IBM is doing to help here.

via GoodCleanTech

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written by russ, March 21, 2009
Reverse Osmosis is reverse osmosis whether done by IBM or others. Seems like IBM is greenwashing here - making smoke about rather normal business.

Reverse osmosis in conjunction with filters is commonly used to remove trace elements (such as arsenic) from a water stream. I have such a unit in my home.

A reverse osmosis unit tends to waste something like 75% of the water treated - this effluent stream is more polluted due to the increased concentration of contaminants. Some companies feed this back into the unit inlet and online levitra prescription claim wonderful things but have simply shortened the membrane & filter life.

I read nothing about nano tech in the article.

There are two types of recommended site generic cialis cheap membrane normally used - one of which is not affected by chlorine.
written by russ, March 21, 2009
I found the reference to nano tech - it all refers to research

What they are doing is levitra generic good - but business as usual.
IBM branding..
written by sloane, March 23, 2009
I don't understand much about the technology behind this, but I do find it interesting that IBM is playing a big part in this. A branding blog pointed out that it's actually not such an odd fit as it seems at first glance--more of a "brand extension" than a brand departure.

"Basically, in trying to develop a more efficient computer chip, the company recognized that the viagra sale uk same thinking that led to a more efficient computer chip could be used to regulate water usage more efficiently on a large scale. This is a brand in touch with itself and in touch with its history."

Here's a link to the full post.

If this is a case of greenwashing, though...maybe it's a better case of a would-be brandover that doesn't cut deep enough...
written by Fred, July 31, 2009
Thats a new avenue for ibm

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