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OCT 01

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"Here is the Dell policy [url]"

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Dell Goes Cradle to Cradle on All Products


Dell is now recycling everything Dell makes...for matter what.  You don't have to buy a new Dell, you don't have to pay for shipping.  You just send it to them, and they re-use or recycle it.  The best part is that a lot of the materials, if not the components themselves, will be immediately re-used, not just recycled. 

The effort that Dell is putting into ensuring that it's production cycle is circular, and not just a straight line from the mine to the dump, is extremely important. Frankly, they're making every other big electronics company look pretty darned bad. 

Via Engadget (thanks to Elizabeth for the tip)


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written by Jason, October 02, 2006
That's good for me! With all the lead in this stuff, I wouldn't mind Dell doing something like this. GO DELL!
written by Pete, October 02, 2006
True cradle to we use it indian viagra cradle takes a lot more engineering for re-use at manufacture. Has Dell really tooled up for materials re-use? If so GREAT, if not then they are on the viagra for cheap right track.
Does't look like cradle-to-cradle to me
written by Inna, October 03, 2006
Here is the Dell policy from their own site:

If recycling your computer is your preference, Dell offers an environmentally friendly method to dispose of outdated computer equipment that no longer has useful life. Dell is happy to accept any brand of computer, keyboard, mouse, monitor or printer. And Dell will pick it up at your home.

And the products End-of-Life instructions only mention the dissasembling step + list of viagra online without prescription uk materials. It stops there.

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