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MAR 24

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"What about when it gets eaten, that sounds like a lot of cheap cialis online no prescription money to inve..."

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$29,000 Robotic Fish to Monitor World's Oceans, Frustrate Fisherman

Perhaps robot fish make prime fodder for jokes, but humor aside, a team of British researchers is taking the original viagra idea of building robot fish very seriously.  Their goal is to vardenafil levitra release the robot fish in the waters north of Spain and cheap viagra from uk use them to monitor pollution levels.

The fish are roughly the size and shape of a carp.  They mimic the movements of real fish to navigate the waters and they're equipped with high-tech chemical sensorous, which detect hazardous pollutants like oil leaks from vessels or underwater pipelines or mercury dumped in the water.  The robots currently cost 20,000 pounds ($29,000 USD) a piece.

The fish transmit their collected data back to shore using a Wi-Fi link.
The really impressive feature of the 1.5 meter long fish (roughly the size of cialis canadian generic a seal) is that they can navigate autonomously.  Previous models required a human operator at the levitra 20mg remote controls, making them less practical.

Rory Doyle, senior research scientist at engineering company BMT Group says that when it comes to exploring the water and collecting data, fish-shaped robots have significant advantages over submarine-shaped designs.  He states, "In using robotic fish we are building on a design created by hundreds of millions of years' worth of evolution which is incredibly energy efficient.  This efficiency is something we need to ensure that our pollution detection sensors can navigate in the underwater environment for hours on end."

The scientists are deploying five of the fish in the northern Spanish port of Gijon next year.  If the fish hold up to the elements and prove their worth, they could soon be headed to rivers, lakes, and seas across the world, helping in the fight against pollution.

The fish do require a fair investment of money and resources, but ultimately they seem a good idea as they can help fight the accidental or intentional dumping of recommended site pfizer cialis uk large quantities of chemicals into the sea, something that sadly occurs on a regular basis.

Check below for a video of the robofish in action.


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It isn't April 1 yet
written by Mustafa Hawass, March 24, 2009
This is a really stupid idea. There is absolutely no point to building robotic fish when it is easier to catch real fish and then just analyse the real ones for evidence of polution.
written by ThisIsVictor, March 25, 2009
I think the canadian viagra 50mg idea is to get direct information. Getting info directly from the ocean is usefull link viagra online without prescription more reliable and more exact. Some chemicals might not show up in caught fish, even if the chemical is killing them. Also, fish can get sick, swim for a while then die. A robotic fish is much more specific about the location of the problem.

That is a pretty steep price tag. I'm also curious how the robo-fish avoid getting caught in fishing nets. Maybe the just don't deploy them where fishers use nets? Obvious answer and all.

written by --Shian, March 25, 2009
What happens if it gets eaten by a large predator?
What happens if it gets eaten by a large
written by MarkR, March 25, 2009

A waste of 29,000 dollars and one heck of a tooth and tummy ache for the predator that took a bite out of generic levitra for sale it. Its not a matter of IF its a matter of when and how often.

while the viagra from canada efficiency of evolution is good, to blindly waste money because it will be destroyed by predators is stupid. and its not taking advantage of evolution to keep parasites etc from destroying its ability to function. entire waste of money.
written by sarah, March 25, 2009
about 5 years ago I had a dream of this very scenario. I caught a fish in a river that turned out to be a robot. It was very freaky. I hope at least they put some instructions on it in case it does end up found in a net or at a cannery in the gut of a bigger fish. The design seems a bit like those phone towers that look like palm and pine trees. you see it and say that's an unusual looking tree. But if the fish shape makes its energy use efficient, why not. it will scare other fish less one would think and cialis discussionsdiscount priced cialis have a giant price tag regardless of it's shape. I don't think it looking like a fish would have too much to do with the price I mean. Also won't it still be able to transmit from the belly of herbal alternative to viagra a big fish?
written by Twoods, March 25, 2009
I agree DUMB idea and what if they get eaten?!?!?!
Leave it to the Brits :)
power source?
written by pez, March 25, 2009
How is the fish powered? Some nasty litho-battery that will leach its heavy metals when it's eaten by a shark? What happens when the power runs down? I am picturing an underwwater fish docking station.
Will it get eaten?
written by Benji, March 25, 2009
We can't assume it will get eaten, or bitten, but it should be a serious concern of the researchers. Maybe it already is we recommend best cialis price a concern that the article didn't mention. Predators are usually pretty specific about what prey to go after, aren't they? Still, it might attract a curious predator willing to take a test bite of this potential meal.
20,000 pound cost might not be a waste of money if this proves useful and more cost effective to other methods. Don't jump to conclusions.
It's realism in it's appearance and movements were uncanny.
Hollywood logic would conclude that if this robotic fish were struck by lightning it will turn against us in Piranha 3: Oceans of Blood.
written by Shian, March 25, 2009
Predators can prey in many different ways. Some use sight which is why we get cases of ocean animals dying from devouring plastic bags, mistaking it for jelly fish.
written by Fred, July 13, 2009
What about when it gets eaten, that sounds like a lot of money to invest in a fish. its also very brightly colored and looks like a scruptious meal for a hungry shark.

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