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MAR 26

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"The Model S will (if Tesla is able to get it's finances together and m..."

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Tesla Model S Pics Leaked: It's Officially Gorgeous

Tesla has always said that they wanted to bring the beauty, power, styling and environmental footprint of the Tesla Roadster to generic levitra for sale in canada sub-100k sedan. They've been planning the Tesla Model-S for ages, and while we were supposed to have to wait for a few more hours to see the first pictures of this beauty, they've officially been leaked.

The Model S will (if Tesla is able to get it's finances together and make them) be an all-electric vehicle with a more than 100-mile range. While Tesla's Roadster is meant to be impractical (just like all two-seater sports cars) the Model-S reaches out to the luxury segment. The car will have to be comfortable, practical and beautiful to make it with luxury buyers.

We can, at least, announce that it has that last category wrapped up. I imagine most will agree that this car is freaking beautiful.

These photos were leaked through a Flickr account, and then Kevin Rose (of Digg) twittered about them. The Flickr page has since been made private, but not soon enough for the internet.

Via TreeHugger

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Waisted money
written by Dan, March 26, 2009
Only if we had given the money to Tesla instead of GM
Down under?
written by Rob, March 26, 2009
How long do alternative to viagra uk you think it will be until I can buy one of these in Australia? Or at least import a right-hand-drive version?
written by mikeDC, March 27, 2009
I thought the Model-S was supposed to be more affordable? It's still no where near my average American price range.
Yellow Hope on Horizon
written by Uncle B, March 28, 2009
Once GM is done it's death throws, once it is all over for Detroit's giants, the U.S. government will promote electric cars from China in the affordable range for the impoverished American masses. Pressures from the Uber- rich of America, on the government they still own, will make this possible. The Uber-rich are heavily invested in the Shanghai stock market and moved their assets from the 'states - "just in time" to make capital killings on both sides of levitra prices canada the Pacific Ocean! Now, it is in their best interest to retail the fruits of their Oriental investments here in the U.S.A. for ridiculously higher profit margins than the similar U.S. products. Want proof of this ridiculous rant? SEE:
“The astounding Chinese have epoched the great GM, of U.S.A. in producing an Electric/gas/plug-in car! They are driving them in the streets of China as we speak, they will be retailed in the U.S.A. by 2011, they will cost half the price of a "Volt" and they are "On Order" for Israel! GM, take a deep breath, your naughty parts have just been cut off by a Chinese high-tech competitor, and the "Volt" is still "Vapor-ware"!” See:
Note carefully just which fortune 500 American investor backs this venture with his "American" uber-capitalist patriotism-free fortune! Ask, "Is Capitalism good for American Democracy?"
"Are we doomed to live by the almighty dollar?" and "Why?"
written by KanadianKain, March 28, 2009
'Only if we had given the money to Tesla instead of GM '

ha, sooo true.
but it seems the boys who did these bailouts, didnt have any friends working in tesla to launder the money through
written by Alfred, March 30, 2009
mikeDC is very likely a lobbyist or an astroturfer. Look at his wording:

"still no where near my average American price range."

No one calls their price range "average American"--that's way too deliberate. It sounds like a word a marketer threw in there, assuming it "hooks" with people.

Watch out for people like this on generic viagra united states blogs like ecogeek. They consistently try to discredit obvious progress like the only now buy generic levitra cheap Model S because they are threatened by it.
Dead Link
written by SanctuaryConstruction, April 01, 2009
Yellow Hope on Horizon, Uncle B? I was interested to check out what you were talking about, unfortunately the URL you posted is dead.

Do you know a company name or anything?
GM's electric car
written by Peggy, April 01, 2009
Why doesn't GM bring back the EV-1. That was the car they built for California and leased out. Then despite eager potential buyers, all EV=1s were gathered up and secretly crushed. Tom Hanks drove one. See for more information.
written by Mary, April 02, 2009
Once GM is done it's death throws,

What does that mean?
GM's death throws
written by Patrick, April 02, 2009
For a car to we recommend viagra cheap canada make a real difference it needs to enter the average American garage. Niche luxury vehicles will make zero impact. GM doesn't need more money to make a $100K electric luxury vehicle, they could do that without any help. Hopefully were our money goes is into better lighter designs and powerplants that use technical progress to increase fuel economy instead of more power in heavier vehicles -as has been the case for the last 30 years.

PS. GM makes only one $100K+ car, the new super corvette. Let me see what Tesla can do when the finished MSRP is $35K.
written by wedding dress designer, April 06, 2009
The Model S will (if Tesla is able to get it's finances together and make them) be an all-electric vehicle with a more than 100-mile range

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