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MAR 26

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High Resolution Tesla Model S Gallery

Tesla has officially unveiled the Model S, and it certainly seems to be a hit. With a $57,000 anticipated pricetage (shaved to $50,000 after a $7,500 tax break) it will certainly be bringing the electric vehicle to a wider audience than the $110,000 Roadster.

The Tesla Roadster, however, had a rocky road. It was delayed more than a year and generic tramadol cost price increases made buyers angry. Let's just say that there's no guarantee that the Model S will actually ever get built, and that $57,500 price tag might be too good to be true.

But that doesn't mean that the eye candy isn't nice. So enjoy the high-res gallery below.

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written by Rob, March 26, 2009
Good to see the announcement is getting the mainstream media attention it deserves:
written by Mr. Sinister, March 27, 2009
Production slated for 3Q'2011 ... two and a half years out??? By that time, the specs on this thing aren't going to be that remarkable. Of course, I don't see Tesla's funding holding up that long when their only product is the roadster.
written by bill, March 27, 2009
Tesla has still not solved the problem that they can not build cars as fast as their customers are willing to buy them. Tesla is viagra costs far behind in production of the Roadster and will get even farther behind in the order tramadol next day shipping production of the Model S.
How to solve it
written by Funtomas, March 27, 2009
bill, did you know, Tesla Motors is still a startup? You know what's the common fate of most startups?
Hello, lobbyists. Your astroturf smells
written by Alfred, March 30, 2009
Isn't it curious that whenever a very awesome story is posted on ecogeek, there's enormously ignorant comments masquerading as skepticism?

The Model S is one of the most important developments in the automobile industry in a while. Its advantages are obvious. Who would shoot it down outright?

Someone who has something to lose from it.

The four comments above me are so specific and intense in their position that they're likely made by lobbyists. Take them with a grain of salt.
Manufacturing plant
written by Grant, March 31, 2009
Yeah, weird comments. The Roadster assembly is mostly outsourced to Lotus (in the UK) from what I understand. Tesla is planning on building an entirely new manufacturing plant (probably in California) in which to build the Model S (and other future models), assuming they get the loan from the DOE. So to say that they cannot produce more than a few hundred Roadsters in the past year means that they won't be able to produce thousands of enter site price cialis another car doesn't make any sense.
written by Troy Sherk, April 01, 2009
Give it bigger brakes, and I could have mistaken it for a Maserati!
Paradigm Shifts Tesla into Limelight
written by Uncle B, January 06, 2010
The U.S. dollar, falling like a stone, no longer commands the 80% of the world's finite resources required to maintain American "Status Quo" - lifestyle resulting in Gold over $1200.00 / oz. and oil crashing the $80.00 / bbl threshold. Asian demands bid with stronger currencies, like the Yuan for the very finite world's resources on cialis purchase online open world markets. Net Result: convulsive paradigm shift in U.S. towards Hybrid cars, all electric cars, buses trams rail transportation, and less, more expensive food. Oil, and gasoline prices on the saturday delivery tramadol online rise, America recoils from expansive growth to a frugal mode, making Tesla a bargain long term. Also: Three moving part power train and recyclable recupable expense on batteries, and no planned obsolescence, no sheet-metal style changes, no shawdy workmanship, in basic designs make Electrics very economical over the long run, and the way to go as the gasoline prices constantly force upward by Asian demand as Asians expand on world's markets. Tesla does what the "Mighty GM(America) cannot do, produce the solution to the problem. America has no more "Easy Oil" but America has South Western Solar/Electric, Prairie Wind Corridor Wind/Electric, Geothermal/Electric Nuclear/Electric, Tidal/Electric. Wave/Electric and Hydro/Electric in abundance! Truly Tesla's age, now,Mr. Obama, where are your Electric Bullet trains and intercity rail network to take the oil hungry jet planes out of the air, and to reduce need for longer distance car driving? America has solutions thank goodness, but much back-fighting against them. Sorrowfully corporatists are cheif adversaries to lowest priced viagra real progress! To back that statement, I ask you to Google, Torrent, the movie "Who Killed The Electric Car" and study it well, it is truly a lesson on "The American Condition" today! Good luck Tesla you have navigated a very dangerous minefield and only here viagra price we applaud you for this!

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