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UK to Get New EV Charging Systems

Europe already has a better EV charging infrastructure than America, but only because of the number of small (very small) electric two and buy viagra online site three-wheelers.But if they're going to accommodate any number of larger vehicles Europe might face even more challenges than America does.

While America, in general, is a much less EV-friendly place, we do have one thing that sets us apart: A LOT of large garages right their connected to our houses. More metropolitan EV owners will have a problem finding a place to plug their car in even when it's parked right outside their house.

Several companies are working their butts off trying to viagra cheap buy online get ready to meet the demand including Elektromotive and EVOasis. Both of these companies have plans to double the number of charging stations they have in and around London within the next year. This should happen just in time for the first big round of EVs, including the iMiev, the Ampera, and the Smart EV.

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