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OCT 01

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"Great post! I love the photos-- the cellulose seems a little messy but..."

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An EcoGeek at Wired NextFest: WIND

architecturalwindWind turbines are coming to a rooftop close to you. At only 60 lbs the 6.5-foot-tall Architectural Wind is designed for use in urban and suburban areas and purchase levitra in canada ideal for flat roofed buildings.  Similar to the generic viagra compare quiterevolution, Architectural Wind runs quietly and produces very little vibration. The design harnesses the building's own aerodynamic properties to generate power. Mounted on the building parapets rather than on follow link viagra online in canada the roof the turbine catches the wind as it travels up the side of a building, which in some cases results in a 30% increase in energy production.

Requiring only a 7 mph (3.1 m/s) breeze to start up, the modular turbines produce roughly 55kWh per month per unit. Scalable and modular you can add more as your energy needs increase. Designed to withstand gusts above 100 mph (45 m/s) you won't have to we use it levitra alternative worry about your turbines falling off the roof. For those who worry about our winged friends, the company offers optional canopy and avian protection option.

Architectural Wind makes its debut at NextFest and hasn't even made it on the Aero Vironoment website yet! The mini wind turbines displayed here confirm the trend that the Future of Green is about Urban Sustainability and not hiding out in the online purchase viagra forest.

On the other end of the spectrum is GEs 1.5 megawatt wind turbines. With more than 2,800 units in operation worldwide, these monoliths are the world's most widely used wind turbines. Tall as a 30-story building, with blade rotors that sweep areas as large as a football field, these turbines are designed for off-shore placement, where they take advantage of the stronger and more abundant sea winds. They can often be seen in large scale wind farms that provide power for entire coastal towns and cities. 


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written by Paolo, April 15, 2007
sono Rametta Paolo, sto conducendo uno studio per l'impatto ambientale dell'eolico su gli uccelli, specialmente quelli migratori. Architectural Wind può sostituire i normali impianti, con le pale alte 100 M ?
Posso avere delle delucidazione più approfonditi su generic levitra Architectural Wind, Grazie.
In attesa di una vostra gentile risposta colgo l'occasione per porgere i miei più cordiali saluti.
As for me
written by Van79, November 12, 2009
I am almost intrigued by this topic and real viagra would like to learn more. Could you please recommend some book to begin with? I have found many articles and periodical at pdf books and periodical search engine, but am not sure if it is all worth reading. Thank you for your advice.
written by Oxy, August 10, 2010
Great post! I love the photos-- the cellulose seems a little messy but what great stuff!

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