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MAR 30

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"thats a great idea ultimately leading to lowering the waste of water..."

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Shower Head With Automatic Shutoff

When you live in Australia, droughts are very real, and water conservation is only best offers viagra best buy a part of life. One Australian recently came up with a household invention to help reduce the amount of what is the cost of cialis water being used in the shower. The device, called the Aqualim (presumably the order propica “lim” refers to we like it viagra mail order “elimination” of water waste, or possibly “limit”), rations out a certain quantity of water per shower. After the quantity is used, the shower reduces its flow as a warning, and soon afterwards shuts off.

Thus, if you say to yourself, “I want to get my water usage under X gallons”, the Aqualim makes it extremely easy to do so without constantly worrying if you’ve gone over. Of course – as is the case with many self-control devices – if you’re the kind of person who’s sensitive enough to buy an Aqualim, you are probably more water-conscious than most people already. Also, there is a reset button; if you really want a longer shower you can just hit it.

But the device does address the tendency people have to linger in the shower after they’ve already washed up. Even someone who truly does not want to waste water might lose track of time, or simply not shut off the shower because hey, it feels nice in here and it’s pretty early in the morning.

That’s why I’m going to vote in favor of this device. Think of it as an alarm clock for the wow look it canadianpharmacy shower. If we had to viagra best price rely on our own will power to wake up in the morning, we’d all be late for work (bloggers excluded). Plus, the Aqualim could work synergistically with a low-flow showerhead to reduce water usage even further.

Via Inhabitat

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I like it too
written by Chris Reeve, March 30, 2009
I think it would be effective in a large house were there are always some who are not very aware...
Great idea!
written by Hilary Keith, March 30, 2009
It seems like a really easy way to control how much water you use when it comes to daily cleaning rituals.
To me, one of the best parts is that it limits the amount of hot water that gets used up in taking that shorter shower. Basically, by taking a shorter shower, there will be more water that's been heated, meaning no painfully frigid showers.
very old idea?
written by Tom, April 04, 2009
If I remember correctly, there has been fixtures on the market for the last 30 years or so that works by you pushing the front and a certain amount of water comes out, 1 push to get wet, add soap ( without water running) 1 or 2 push to get cleaned after soaping. They had them in my local swimming hall when I was a kid ( Im 40 now)
But of cialis from european online drugstores course, if it has to be new before people want to buy it then.....well.....forget my comment please, this is brand new and totally the thing to get for your bathroom, a must have, buy before your neighbors, whatever.
@ Tom
written by akaoscar, April 05, 2009

The old system made you push the front every second second whereas this (and other) lets you push once to get all the levitra 20mg water you need. a cheap version count be a cooking timer (or two if you need the warning to be prepared for the end)

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Hand held Marine Shower Head
written by El Kabong, April 07, 2009
Check this out: far superior and much more frugal with your water supply:
Well, it won't allow me to it's great! levitra usa post the link so if you want to see it, go to Amazon and search for marine shower head. It's from Camco and cialis 50mg it's mor efficient at saving water than this rig. Also won't leave you with soup in your eyes.
Metering shower head
written by John Woolington, April 13, 2009
Great idea. After a few showers you would learn to pace yourself so you finish rinsing off before the water slows down. For times when you need an extra couple of minutes (like when you just spent the day cleaning up the follow link selling levitra online mudslide in your back yard), you can hit the "extend" button.

In any case, it will make you more aware of your water usage, which will carry over into all kinds of other water uses around the house.
written by Fred, June 30, 2009
thats a great idea ultimately leading to lowering the waste of water

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