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APR 07

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"The economy had a good turn on china at least ..."

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Economic Downturn Has Cleaned Up China's Air

During the economic downturn, we've seen a few environmentally-friendly side effects of all the penny-penching going on. People are focusing more on energy efficiency, they're using their things for longer before tossing them for new versions and we choice viagra online 50mg now, it seems, China's air is cleaner due to a lack of demand for pollution-causing industries.

China managed to reduce air pollution in Beijing for last summer's Olympics, but since then the air quality has remained improved in the buy generic levitra online uk city and the trend is spreading throughout the country. Traffic restrictions and other long-term pollution reduction projectsput in place for the Olympics have continued and the economic crisis has slowed or even stopped production at coal-fired power plants and other polluting manufacturing plants.

The air in Beijing is the cleanest it's been in about a decade and areas around the country are reporting more blue skies. On average across seven of China's largest cities, the number of badly polluted days was halved during the second half of buy levitra in england 2008 compared to the us drugstore pharmacy viagra first half.

Now that the people of China have had a taste of clean air, let's hope that this will lead to more regulation of emissions and to the development of cleaner technologies so that this fortunate outcome isn't only temporary.


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written by Magnulus, April 08, 2009
The air in China a decade ago was absolutely atrocious. Open the cab window and online cialis sales get a head-ache... So it will have to get some serious cleaning done before it's nearly acceptable.
Better, but still very bad
written by Fenix, April 09, 2009
While the air in Beijing may have improved from a year or two ago, it's still very bad indeed. Most people I know who live there become ill very often and the sky is still very grey. Hopefully China will crack down more on the factories causing the problem.
written by Magnulus, April 09, 2009
It has to be said, though, that one of the big factors is wood fires, which heated all of the old houses in the Hu-Tongs of buy prescription levitra without Beijing back when I visited. To my knowledge, they've destroyed most of the Hu-Tongs when they were sparkling up Beijing for the olympics, so at least the buy real viagra online without prescription winter months should be a lot better now than they were... Though when I was there, it was summer, and when it was "sunny", you could hardly make out a weakly glowing orb in the sky.
written by Fred, July 20, 2009
The economy had a good turn on china at least

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