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APR 09

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"How much does this car cost? How far does it travel on single fill? Ho..."

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Honda FCX Clarity Named World Green Car of the Year

Today at the New York Auto Show, the Honda FCX Clarity was named the World Green Car of the Year. It beat out competition from an initial list of 22 cars, but ultimately went up against other top 3 finalists the Mitsubishi iMiEV and the Toyota iQ.

The judges credited the wow)) cialis delivered overnight FCX Clarity for advancing hydrogen fuel-cell technology to the closest it's been to mainstream success yet, but also stated that governments need to do only today buy cialis pill more to how to get levitra create infrastructure that will allow cars like the FCX Clarity to really take off.

The FCX Clarity is still only in limited release in California, but, as announced at the NY Auto Show, runner-up iMiEV will definitely be released in the U.S. sometime "before 2012."

Cars were eligible for the Green Car of the Year Award if they had been in at least one major market during 2008, but could either be in full production or a prototype with limited release for evaluation. The judges considered emissions, fuel efficiency and purchase of levitra use of technology when choosing among the entries.

Last year's winner was the 60-mpg BMW 118d.

via Autoblog Green

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written by PJ, April 09, 2009
I laughed out loud reading this...This is levitra order not a "car" because it's likely most people will ever get a chance buy one. I think for a car to truly qualify it has to have production volume numbers that of the VW bug from the cheep daily cialis 1940s -1970s. A peoples car. Not a concept or rare fleet car.
written by Kyle, April 10, 2009
Much deserved. It's a proper sized, safe, practical car, running on i use it pfizer viagra canada the fuel of the future. That means people will buy it. No ones buying a golf cart to drive on the interstate, nor is that forward progress. This looks like every other car, only it's the step in the right direction. It's the clear winner.
PJ - Your logic is flawed beyond belief
written by Andy, April 10, 2009
It's not a car because most people can't buy it? The Lamborghini Diablo isn't a car then, huh? Well that's news to me.. and to levitra prescription online everyone else on Earth.

The FCX is lightyears ahead of all the other competitors. In fact, there was simply no competition at all. The infrastructure issues are not relevant - this is a "Car of the Year" award, it's about the car and nothing else.
Andy... I understand your point
written by PJ, April 10, 2009
Right now I can go out and buy and electric Mini Copper but it will set me back $50000 and a Lamborghini Diablo... Let just say, I could never afford that. But please here me out, just because somebody makes a car doesn't necessarily mean that it can be obtained. I would love a EV1 but fat chance on my getting one. Theres been a few electric fleet vans that I would love to own and the general public at large will never have the chance to own one.

Having said that the Honda is a great and wonderful step forward and is leaps and levitra online cheap bounds above anything else in its class.

I just question if I'll be able to head down to my local Honda dealership in the couple of years and buy one. Or for that matter fuel it up down at the 7 eleven.
Honda Fcx
written by Old Cars, April 11, 2009
The Honda FCX provides a smooth and powerful ride with breakthrough fuel cell technology based on an ingenious fuel stack design.Honda unveiled the FCX Clarity, The most remarkable thing about driving Honda's FCX Clarity prototype isn't how it emits nothing but water, its torquey, 13,500 rpm electric motor.
written by DC Miller, April 15, 2009
Maybe you could pickup some bottled water at 7-11 and top of the tank. Doesn't look like a problem from where I am sitting.
A well deserved award, kudos to Honda.

Is this a joke?
written by Erik Levin, April 15, 2009
How much does this car cost? How far does it travel on single fill? How much does it cost to fill? Where can you buy one? When can you buy one? What is the lifespan of the engine? Is there any pollution related in the production of Hydrogen?

I fail to understand what possible criteria the judges could have been using? The three finalists are not for for sale anywhere yet, surely the most important aspect of a green car has to be its availability?

What does it matter how brilliant the idea is if you cannot buy it - until the car is in use it is not making any difference to our climate. Perhaps a green "Concept" car of the year?

I can understand the vested interests and oil companies are pushing for hydrogen as it is important for them to keep the motoring public hooked onto something they can sell at the filling stations. After all, what possible use to oil companies is a vehicle you can fill in your own garage overnight whilst you sleep?

Whilst I readily admit I am ignorant of hydrogen production (and I suspect so are many others) I have read that it is not energy efficient and is difficult to store? If either of these is true then it seems unnecessarily complicated to use hydrogen if the look here cialis sales in canada car is in fact driven by an electric motor like Tesla? Why not just use batteries?

To me a greener choice for top three would have been Vectrix (readily available but not a car), Tesla (available but with a long waiting list) and the Mitsubishi iMiEV (a working production model, though not yet available to public)

Or if we insist on concept cars then Tesla Model S or BYD E6 are both at least as close to wow it's great viagra soft tablets production as the FXC is and I am certain it is easier to find a power point than a hydrogen filling station and I am also equally certain that is much cheaper to create publicly available power points than it is to create publicly available hydrogen filling stations.

Sorry Honda, I don't think there is any Clarity about the FCX - It is just a red herring.

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