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APR 15

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"BYD is not currently selling any of their plug-in hybrid F3DM cars to ..."

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Chinese BYD Plug-In Not Doing so Hot

Though the cost seems low, and the claims fantastical, Chinese automaker BYD's plug-in hybrid F3DM has so far only sold 80 units. The gasoline-only counterpart has sold roughly 20,000 vehicles. So what's the problem? Several reasons have been claimed...let's go through them, shall we?

  • A $20,000 price point might seem cheap to you and viagra prescription me, but it's actually quite expensive in China.
  • There is very little charging infrastructure in China, and not quite so many three car garages, as one might expect.
  • Fears about battery performance abound. Though BYD claims some truly impressive range and lifetime numbers for the F3DM, real-world implementation has started some nasty rumors.

To counter these points, BYD is hoping to drop the price to an astounding $16,000, once they start producing them in mass, and they will be seeking independent verification of their battery technology claims.

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written by Bob Wallace, April 16, 2009
I think they would benefit by getting a few dozen of these puppies into European/US hands where they would receive more media attention.

Are they not designed to European safety standards? I seem to recall reading that.

Standards? What?
written by hyperspaced, April 16, 2009
Probably not. If someone sold you a €20,000 jet plane would you fly it?
Deceiving Article
written by Arcanum, April 17, 2009
BYD is not currently selling any of their plug-in hybrid F3DM cars to the average Joe Public in China yet. They are only selling them to local government agencies. People must understand that there is far more internal trade protectionism with in China between provinces then there is between China and other countries. Many other Chinese provinces with auto industries will not likely to jump on levitra online shop the BYD green wagon no matter how good the F3DM is. They are more likely to spend the money and develop their own plug-in technology. This has been the dominant business model in China since the 1980's. This is why when one go to very good site buy levitra online without prescription China one will be really confused as to why there are so many repetitive versions of the same thing every where made by many different independent business entities. This is the major reason why the when a new technology gains favor in China, it will quickly become a commodity in no time due to everyone competing madly to bring it to market and undercutting everyone else. This is capitalism at its best.

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