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APR 28

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"Camelina jet fuel is more effective than jatropha, interesting. ..."

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Camelina Jet Fuel Could Reduce Emissions By 84%

A recent study by Michigan Technological University found that jet fuel made from camelina reduces carbon emissions 84% compared to propecia buy cheap regular petro-based jet fuels. We've covered the advancements being made with jatropha-based jet fuels and the successful test-flights done using the cheap viagra india biofuel, but camelina appears to be even more promising.

The plant, which requires little fertilizer and water and has a high oil yield, has a low-carbon life cycle and has shown the greatest reduction in emissions compared to other biofuels. The study focused on camelina grown in Montana and it found that the state alone could cultivate 2-3 million acres of the crop without displacing other crops. That amount of camelina would produce 200-300 million gallons of oil per year.

Jet fuel seems to be the area where biofuels could really make the greatest difference. Cars will be able to run on electricity or hydrogen, but airplanes will be harder to convert. If biofuels can be made in a way that doesn't disrupt other crops and with less of viagra purchase an environmental impact than oil, then plants like camelina seem to be a great solution, at least in the short-term.

via Treehugger

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written by PDXCascadian, April 28, 2009
Why don't the sides and middle of freeways get used for this? Instead of having grass, that usually just ends up burning, we could grow camelina. I know that if it thrives in dry climate it would do awesome in huge tracts of urban freeway.
Camelina Jet Fuel
written by Glenn, April 29, 2009
They key here is "without displacing other crops" and water requirements, whioch are already and levitra australia no prescription will soon become critical factors.
written by Mark, April 29, 2009
Great stuff here. Hopefully more projects like this one can help to mail order propecia turn our environment around.
I saw some pretty good videos at Tomorrows World:

These students wanted to stir some awareness on climate change and water efficiency. Lets help their voices be heard! Pass the cheap viagra from uk videos along to a friend!
How does it compare to algae
written by Rojelio, May 01, 2009
Has anybody done a study that compares the efficiency of this to similar algae-based oils?
Maybe this as well as hemp plants is how much is cialis something people in the suburbs could grow rather than their silly lawns.
how about nature?
written by frisbee, May 09, 2009
So growing Carmelita doesn't displace other crops. That's worth something, I admit. But where should it be grown than? I'm afraid it wíll displace forests, mountains, deserts and other nature sites, meaning a loss of habitat for many species. Or am I wrong here?
How much land will it take to grow enough Carmelita to feed all world airtrafic anyway? Will there still be no displacement of other crops?
written by Fred, July 07, 2009
Camelina jet fuel is more effective than jatropha, interesting.

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