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APR 29

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"That is very original concept, but I agree with Arjen The quality must..."

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Portable, Solar-Powered Speakers for Your Summer Parties

Here's a great design concept just in time for summer when gatherings move outdoors and you want the music to move with you. Finnish designer Pekka Salokannel has created the cialis online pharmacy carisoprodol portable and solar-powered Gramo Speakers that allow you to hook up the music inside or outside while skipping the need for electricity.

The speakers are outfitted with three layers of solar PV panels that charge a built-in battery pack so even in the dark, the speakers can keep the party going. If you need to move the speakers further than your patio, they fold flat so that they can be easily carried in a pocket or bag. The volume is be controlled by soft-touch controls on the speakers.

The Gramo is designed to work with your computer, iPod or iPhone.

Since the best quality viagra speakers are still just a concept, there's no information on the sound quality or pricing. Regardless, it's a wonderful design. I hope to see these, or something similar, available soon.

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written by Nicholas, April 30, 2009
Amazing how the PV takes on a lovely aesthetic quality as well..
green washing again...
written by hyperspaced, April 30, 2009
that's the definition of kitsch...
written by Bob Wallace, April 30, 2009
Let's see, solar panels are not cheap.

So let's buy a device that's designed so that not all our panels can face the sun at the same time.

(Someone needs to install a common sense filter....)
written by Bob Wallace, April 30, 2009
Let me be more positive about the general idea...

Mount the panels on an adjustable stand that can be angled toward the sun. (Remember, the sun is more overhead in the summer than in the winter. And it moves across the sky every day.)

Add some sort of readout device, meter - bank of LEDs - that will indicate when the output is buy cialis no prescription getting stronger/weaker to show the user when the panel is best positioned. Turn it into a learning device.
written by Mr. Sinister, May 01, 2009
I can't say that this is the most ridiculous gadget I've ever seen, but it definitely competes for a spot in the top five.
written by Bob Wallace, May 01, 2009
As long as I'm designing something for these people:

Put four small photocells in the bottom of small "wells". One pointing right, one left, one up, one down.

Just a bit of logic will tell the user when the panel is optimally pointed and when it needs to be readjusted.

(Some bi-directional solar trackers use this system to orient toward the sun.)
written by Fred, July 02, 2009
Excellent idea for bbqs
Solar speakers
written by Arjen, May 27, 2010
The idea is great, the sound, i'm afraid cannot be so good, because there is no chamber for it, so any low frequency response is almost impossible, it looks like a old gramophone speaker, hence the name, and it will not sound much different. However, solar speakers are nice, i've made several myself, and they function very well, always fully charged and sound great, despite there dimensions, of just 9 X 13 x 5 CM.

i'm planning to make a professionally looking design from aluminium.

Great concept.
written by Jonothan, April 17, 2011
That is very original concept, but I agree with Arjen The quality must be of cialis order on line lower quality.

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