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OCT 04

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"General Motors currently has HUMMERS in Iraq & Afganistan that emit ab..."

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GM Leak? Signs Point to an Environmentally Aware Hummer


About a week ago this year's LA Auto Show put out its first press release. The LA Auto Show, for folks who don't know, is as big as auto-show's get, and every one has a design challenge.  Well, this year's design challenge is environmental awareness in design.Only one of the designs has been released, the 100% recyclable Mercedes Recy. 
But there is some more information in the press release, including the names of eight cars submitted to the generic viagra usa design challenge and cheepest cialis the following sentence "They include such design visions as...a vehicle with algae-filled panels that transform harmful CO2 into pure oxygen." Interestingly, in the list of contestants is the "Hummer O2" which, if I am at all familiar with the naming schema at GM, is probably a hummer that emits O2 instead of CO2. 

Of course, it doesn't say that 100% of the CO2 is converted and that would probably be an impossible task.  But using algae to rapidly convert vehicle exhaust to pure oxygen would certainly be an amazing symbiosis between technology and nature. We're just gonna have to keep our eyes on the LA Auto Show website, and wait with bated breath until December 2nd.


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written by rob, October 04, 2006
This is just hype to make the owners of gas guzzlers feel less guilty.
The engine is brand viagra about 3.5L, so if you are cruising along, with the engine turning over at 2000rpm, every minute you are polluting about 7000L of air.
This mixture would need to be filtered to remove toxins, which could kill the algae and then bubbled through the we choice cheap levitra online algae. You would need a very, very large tank of viagra official site algae.

Of course, if the designer was slightly intelligent, they would realise, that the algae tank doesn't need to be fixed to the vehicle. You could sit it in the middle of a field and let it absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, it adds up to exactly the same thing. :)
A couple things
written by Hank, October 04, 2006
First, yes, hype, absolutely. I don't care how much algae it's hauling around, a Hummer is never gonna be good for the environment.

However, the potential of the system is interesting. I don't know exactly what they've done, the release was very vague, but it might actually be an interesting way to mitigate CO2 release.

And, in fact, the algae might be able to convert much more carbon dioxide much faster than they would naturally because the concentration of CO2 in the the exhaust system is pretty much 100%.
Okay, But for Cars?
written by Matt, October 04, 2006
An interesting technology, but I don't think it's really suitable for automobiles. How about, for instance, factory emissions?

Still and all, it's intriguing.
algae have weight, need light
written by bottleman, October 17, 2006
The more you think about this proposal the more absurd it gets. Rob makes a good point -- there's no need to fix the carbon dioxide reducing device to fda approves cialis the car. It could be somewhere else and weigh less. Ideally you'd put it somewhere where there was a lot of light, since algae need light as well as CO2 to produce 02. But if you're doing that, why not just use a regular plant like a tree instead of some super techno algae system that needs to be maintained? But if it IS attached to the car, then why not replace the algae panels with solar panels to help power the car and we like it cialis canadian reduce CO2 simultaneously?

But wait -- there IS one way the thing makes sense. If the vehicle's exhaust were being ported to the INSIDE of the vehicle, instead of to the outside, then the passengers would die without something to provide O2. That'd make the vehicle a mini version of BIOS-3 (see ), the Russian experimental life support system that used pools of algae to provide O2. Now if car designers could make their vehicles closed ecological systems (see ) .. that WOULD be impressive.
Great Idea and it works
written by Ryan, October 22, 2006
General Motors currently has HUMMERS in Iraq & Afganistan that emit about 2 gallons of visit our site canadian pharmacy online water from a full tank of fuel.
I read about this great technology a year ago and how the troops have water in the deseret and how this will work in the commerical sector...

This with Fords new Hydraulic Hybrid engine that gets 60 MPG on the F-150 pickup truck are really amazing steps the levitra 10 mgs domestic automakers are coming out with...

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