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MAY 07

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Best Buy to cheap cialis no prescription buy Carry Line of Personal Electric Vehicles

Back in February, it was announced that Best Buy will start carrying the Brammo Enertia motorcycle at some of its West Coast locations this month. Now, it seems, the box store will not only be carrying the electric motorcycle, but a whole range of overnight cialis personal electric vehicles in the near future.

According to the BNET Auto Blog, Best Buy has confirmed this new business venture.

"We can confirm that Best Buy will be piloting electric-powered personal transportation products at some of its stores on the no prscription cialis West Coast later this spring. The selection will include Brammo."

The Brammo Enertia is viagra generico made of carbon-fiber, has a top speed of 50 mph and viagra for sale has a 45-mile range on a full charge. It costs $12,000, but is eligible for a 10 percent federal tax credit. Best Buy will treat the Enertia like any other consumer electronic sold by the store. The Geek Squad will perform repairs and maintenance,and electronic upgrades like on-board cameras that link to the internet will likely be available.

We'll be anxiously waiting to hear more details on this story, particularly the exact vehicles that Best Buy is looking to carry.

via Autoblog Green

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written by Ken Heslip, May 07, 2009
What is the deal with electric motorcycle manufacturers? Do they want to sell bikes or not? In this link, they show a lady using the bike:

But I seriously doubt that will be their target market! Motorbikes are (usually) for men so why not give the electric versions a more masculine image. In the combustion engine versions, pretty women are only seen standing around looking in awe at the bikes, not using them. It is a welcome change, but I just can't see them doing well with the current strategy.
And can we make them look cool too? Maybe Apple should start making electric motorbikes. (I guess we don't really need to viagra buy use electric before the word motorbike in this instance as it is a motor driving the bike.)
written by Mr. Sinister, May 08, 2009
And will they have the same bunch of incompetent high school kids working the "personal electric transportation" department? The "Geek Squad" does such a bang-up job of overcharging for the simplest computer repair, I imagine they'll have no trouble stepping up to high-voltage electric propulsion systems. Sorry, but there are just some things that one shouldn't buy from a big box store.
Shouldn't buy anything from a Big Box St
written by Scottie, May 08, 2009
Anyone even remotely concerned about the levitra overnite environment should be buying anything from a Big Box Store....
written by Anon, May 08, 2009
Do they really think people will pay $12k for something that looks like a toy for an 8-year-old? I'm glad they're making electric motorcycles, but until they can bring the price *way* down, I think people will opt for all the $12k cars they can buy nowadays.
I love that
written by Fred, June 23, 2009
This will be a great way for me to get to work in the morning!

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