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MAY 13

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"huh... wow... whoaaa... that was a lot of information ..."

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Cap and the best site viagra tablet Trade: What is real cialis without prescription it?

I'm sure you all know what cap and trade is, but when I heard that 76% of Americans either had no idea what it was or thought it had to do with healthcare or Wall Street reform, I had to make this video.

If you've got any friends or family who might not know what cap and trade is, and you think this video would be informative, you should send it along.

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written by Musson, May 13, 2009
Cap and Trade is just another tax. Obama wants to wow look it cheapest viagra spend so he's going after those who are unpopular.

I guess we should be glad he's not proposing a Jew tax or a Mexican tax.
written by shek, May 13, 2009
I can't believe Obama wants to do all this spending!!!
He's going to totally ruin all of the hard, fiscally responsible work that George W Bush did to rid our government of wasteful spending...
green screen and mental_floss
written by conzicann, May 13, 2009
First of all, your green screen is full of delights! It looks so official- like someone who recently became a year older would own it.

Second, I wanted to let other passersby know that there's also an excellant mental_floss article in existence about the same subject.

written by McGreenGal, May 13, 2009
Thanks for the great video Hank!
Video Blogging
written by Marc, May 13, 2009
Hank, I love your blog and have been following it for some months now, but I would appreciate it if you never, ever video blog again. Like, ever.

Fuller criticisms are here:
video blogging
written by Marc, May 13, 2009
like I said, not my intention to be overly hard on you and like I said, I enjoy most of your work. Just around the 2:00 minute mark you begin to talk really fast.

As for vlogging generally, I'm kind of a professional critic, especially with environmentalists. I think we tend to get painted with the generic cialis 100mg overemotional urban geek stereotype fairly frequently and not in a good way - more in the irrational activists who's got a limited experience in rural lifestyles. You've obviously done your best to real levitra online embrace the positive end of the ecogeek stereotype, someone who wonks out about environmental issues. Though, I'm very often the harshest critic of us enviros because my foremost concern is with the environmentalist brand.

Hence my slightly harsh, and probably for you, out of the blue criticisms.

written by ThinkAfrica, May 13, 2009
I used to think of cap-and-trade as the most important legislation going through as well, but then I saw this:

Fifteen free years of pollution for companies able to buy cheap credits sold as excess from local distributors will not have the desired effect we want, and where the money raised WOULD HAVE gone to further development of mexican tramadol the smart grid or green technologies instead with the massive concessions to the official canadian pharmacy coal and inefficient corn-based ethanol industries AND the missing revenue from super-waiver-giveaway Mondays Representative Doyle's "protection of consumers" may very well leave the entire Eastern seaboard flooded and Africa contending with massively fatal superdroughts

I urge everyone to write Doyle and Waxman on this subject.

A note on Marc's comments: I think glorifying in your own ignorance and superficiality damages the 'environmentalist brand' much more than Hank's clear and concise summary- your position that geeks don't belong on television or the media is absurd. I recommend getting your ears checked, and also try spell-checking your blog a bit more carefully if that is not "to" difficult for you.
Just Glad We're Talking
written by Hank, May 13, 2009
If Cap and Trade legislation gets diluted (which it very likely will) it won't be effective legislation. But this video was very much aimed at being a primer.

@Marc - I live in, the enviro-stereotype isn't urban geeks, it's hippy I see myself as helping out at least a little. I least I'm not a communist. But we can't help but be who we are. I'm not going to lumber-jack it up just for the "environmentalist brand."
written by Magnulus, May 14, 2009
Marc: It seems you have a fetish for the written word, and that's fine. However, you can't let a single fetish get in the way of other means of expression. I have a fetish for red-heads with green eyes, but I still found a brunette with chestnut eyes hot enough to date and later marry. In short: Why NOT videoblog? Also, FRED?!

Hank: He has one good point in that your energy is a little overpowering. My wife, as cute and intelligent as she finds you, can't even be in the same room when I'm watching one of your videos, because she gets stressed out by the speed and energy.

To be more constructive: In a good video (or any speech) you should maybe consider light and tramadol 100mg drug dark, fast and slow. Vary the speed and intensity of your performance, and it may open the videos up for a wider audience, and it might make it easier to buy viagra online purchase follow.

Our Lord ZeFrank has a fantastic mix in his videos of speeds and varying energies. If you rewatch his videos, notice that when he speaks really quickly, he also speaks with much less intensity.

That having been said, I do enjoy your videos and I see a lot of myself in your style (I can easily be energetic to the point of buy dihydrocodeine tramadol debit card being annoying). My point is: You're doing really well already, but you could be even better!

PS: Thanks for the informative video on Cap and Trade. ^_^
Well Done Hank
written by Mark, May 14, 2009
Well done Hank I wish I could have explained it as clearly myself :)
More On The Talking
written by Marc, May 14, 2009
Hank, I live in Alabama where the local stereotype also falls more broadly on "the hippie" stereotype as well (when I was talking about the ecogeek stereotype I was talking about my broader national experience). However, I work in an office with 10 other dedicated conservationists and to judge them one would assume they were more "Alabama good ol' boys" than hippies.

The point is buy cialis without a prescription that environmentalists form a very wide set of interests groups and therefor as group, really kind of defy stereotyping - you have everyone from the vegan PETA members to the gun-toting hunting enthusiast Safari Club - all with a state commitment to conservation.

Therefor, we're not doing ourselves any favors when we allow ourselves to be stereotyped, or for one subgroup of the movement to become "symbolic" of environmentalist as a whole, because it's really far from the truth.
written by David, May 14, 2009
Marc: Criticism, See Magnulus comment to sales cialis see how it is done.

To bash Hanks looks is just, pointless. Yes, you are shallow. He is only ugly if you have fallen for the Hollywood stereotype beauty, where there is basically just two looks. Am I the only one that have grown tired of the Hollywood beauty stereotype? Uniformity breeds boredom... Damnit, I know that Hank would be considered cute by a lot of ladies (and gentlemen too for that matter) out there. Ugly is the definitely the wrong word to describe Hank...
written by enicao, May 14, 2009
slow down, slow down...

You talk like you have to pay 100$ a second of video and you have to tell everything in a very limited time.
your video is like a bad TV avertisement trying to sell cheap clothes: speaking very very fast.
written by Rosie, May 14, 2009
I had to watch that twice - partly because you speaksoincrediblyfast, but mostly because I had never heard of the Cap and Trade system so I wanted to understand fully.

I thought I might have a legitimate excuse for my ignorance, but it turns out that we've copied the idea here in Britain. It has caused quite a bit of outrage, as the government has said that it "could cost every family in Britain a staggering £20,000". This may not be relevant to a lot of you, but it just struck me as odd seeing as it's a choice between paying now to avoid disaster and best cialis trying to pay afterwards when it's too late. Though I suppose £20,000 is a huge amount and people will be unwilling to part with their cash... Even if it isn't explicitly called a "tax".

That could be a problem, but still sounds like an awesome idea and I'm glad I know about it and understand it now! Thanks, Hank.
written by Rosie, May 14, 2009
I like that you speak quickly because you get a lot of information into a short video.
And it forces me to concentrate!
I didn't mean to criticise that in my last post.
Ha Ha!
written by Marc, May 14, 2009
you've got some loyal followers, who's ire I've apparently drawn. Feel free to let them know I'd love to engage any of cialis doses them or you in a debate over perceptions, environmental PR or anything of the like.
written by Synovi Nurmi, May 14, 2009
I like it! I mean, I really like it. What about enforcement? Probably a moot point because it's such a happy thing, but still I wonder.
written by David, May 15, 2009
Marc: "Ha ha"?

Oh. He's just a troll...
Well ... A good try ...
written by A Siegel, May 15, 2009

This is a fair summation and, unlike others, I find the speed-through amusing.

Sadly, I think one has to be 'ready to listen' to be able to really absorb this ... and, well, the speed is cheap discount viagra probably a barrier for those 'truly ignorant'.

written by Magnulus, May 16, 2009
Siegel: Isn't that a bit arrogant? Speed is a barrier for the ignorant? So are you saying that my wife is 'truly ignorant' simply because she's stressed out by his speed and intensity?

Anyway, as I said before, the speed is not actually the main problem, it's the combination of the speed and the intensity.
Watch the viagra supplier in the uk Congress
written by Brooks Boliek, May 17, 2009
Very interesting votes coming up this week in the House Energy and Commerce Committee.
this is super cool!
written by Jackal, May 18, 2009
This is so well done! I tot your LED video was good, but this tops it! It's amazing you managed to explain a very complicated concept in such a short video. While @Marc have reservations about your presentation, I absolutely loved the freshness you bring to buy cialis canada the table. It's very sincere and truthful. Please keep it up!

@Marc: Instead of telling people not to video blog anymore, maybe it's easier if you just pass over the video link. I am sure there are others like me who enjoy this kind of presentation.
Not just another Tax
written by Carvacas, June 09, 2009
In Issues related with environment and economy in a wide scale the best a government can do is to create a economic mechanism.
Taxes could work, but taxes don't create such a good economical incentive to further technological improvements.
and the possibility for companies to trade the credits so they can reduce where is cheapest.
So yes, Cap and trade is a good mechanism that really can work. Let's see .

Prices are going up? They have to! When you want a environmental "safe" product, the price reflect the extra cost for protection. Or the prices stay right and cialis soft order the companies have less profits. But I don't want to ask them that :P

Good movie. It just misses the issue of efficiency
written by Fred, July 14, 2009
huh... wow... whoaaa... that was a lot of information

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