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MAY 18

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"good to see that these companies are so involved..."

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Intel Tops List of viagra online best price Green Power Buyers

The EPA just composed a little list of which corporations are buying the most Green Power in America and tech companies had a pretty strong showing. Intel topped out the list with 1,301,200,000 kW/h of wind power purchased. Though, that's only 46 % of their total energy use.

Second on the list was PepsiCo, which offset 100% of it's 1,144,773,154 kW/h of electricity.

Also making the generic cialis canada list was Dell (the only company to buy more green power than the used (158%)), Cisco (40%), Motorola (20%) and Sony (44%.) To see the full list, head to the EPA website.

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Energy unit
written by Yaggo, May 20, 2009
Energy is measured as multiplication of power and time, thus the unit being kWh, not kW/h.
written by Fred, July 14, 2009
good to see that these companies are so involved

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