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GE to Start Selling Smart Appliances This Summer

Back in the fall, we told you that GE was testing smart appliances for use with their smart meter technology that would allow utilities and get viagra household appliances to communicate and improve energy efficiency and grid performance. In conjunction with Louisiana Gas and Electric Company, GE collected lots of information about customers' energy use habits and how appliances can fit into a smart grid and, now, armed with this information, the company says that they will have smart appliances available for purchase this summer.

GE will begin selling a heat pump and water heater that can reportedly halve energy consumption compared to traditional heat pumps. The heat pump has three controllable settings that reduce its temperature or power it down completely during peak hours. Consumers using the smart heat pump will save about $250 annually in energy costs.

Other smart appliances that will start being introduced by GE and were tested in the trial are washers and dryers, refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers and buy levitra at a discount microwaves. The company is also partnering with Florida utility FPL on a smart grid project that will use their smart appliances.

via Earth2Tech

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user controllable
written by kballs, May 19, 2009
I think the levitra cheap important thing with smart grid and smart appliances is the best choice online levitra prescriptions that it be user-configurable. The appliances/outlets need user-selectable priority numbers. Some things could handle shutting down or going into lower power draw temporarily (electric car charging, space heating, A/C), while others need higher priority (oven so you don't undercook your food, refrigerator so your food doesn't warm up too much and spoil, clothes dryer so your clothes don't wrinkle and/or get musty from sitting wet too long). There would also need to be temporary overrides when you need your appliance to work right now. Hopefully they are thinking about the usage scenarios, consumer expectations, food safety issues, etc. while developing the smart grid and not taking an all-or-nothing, power utility has all control approach.
written by Fred, June 30, 2009
ge appliances are great

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