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OCT 05

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"The partner list that includes Samsung Electronics, Gillette/Duracell,..."

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Fuel Cell to Power Portables

  Mobion Portable Fuel Cell

It doesn’t look like we’ll be getting rid of our wireless devices anytime soon. In fact, the number of portable electronic devices we use is on the rise. In response to buy tramadol hydrochloride this trend, MTI Micro has created Mobion power packs. Based on direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) technology, the Mobion technology is a truly wireless solution, potentially liberating us from slavishly plugging in our chargers to power outlets. Instead, refill the fuel cell with neat (100%) methanol to recharge the battery. By removing the need for water to be externally pumped from the cathode to the anode side for the chemical reaction to occur and levitra 50 mg energy to be produced, their technology improves on the traditional approach to micro fuel cell design. The result is cheap viagra without prescription a lighter weight, compact and efficient fuel cell that hooks directly onto the device.

As is often the us healthcare inc cialis case with new technologies, the first planned applications for the technology are in the military, government and industrial portable electronics markets. But with a partner list that includes Samsung Electronics, Gillette/Duracell, DuPont and Flextronics consumer applications can’t be far behind. 

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written by Mobile360, October 08, 2006
The partner list that includes Samsung Electronics, Gillette/Duracell, DuPont and Flextronics Looks impressive.

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