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MAY 26

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Sensaris Lets You Wear the Air Quality on Your Sleeve

Air quality index information is widely available for cities on a daily basis, but so far there's been no collective breakdown of canadianpharmacy that information in real time or for specific neighborhoods. Traffic jams and wind conditions can make air quality vary considerably from one side of town to recommended site canadian pharmacy another. To give people more accurate information, Sensaris has designed a wearable air quality sensor called the City Senspod that will enable you to know the air quality for the very spot you're standing in at that very second.

Their GPS-equipped sensor gives you real-time air quality information including CO2 and ozone levels for wherever you are and then uses Bluetooth technology to transmit that information to a publicly available database where it's mapped along with data from other sensors for the world to see.

The device will be distributed in Paris for a trial run, but Sensaris hopes to bring the sensor to other cities and towns soon. It will be interesting to see if people are willing to wear such a thing on their arm or if it ends up latched onto backpacks and purses instead.

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written by Damo, May 26, 2009
When I'm worried about air quality levels I'm more worries about airborne particle (smog, etc) levels rather than CO2 levels. CO2 doesn't directly affect my health (unless of course it's in HUGE quantities and is filling up my garage while I'm in it), but particulates in the generic viagra levitra cialis air do. So... what was the point of these devices again?
written by Yellowlab, May 27, 2009
This may only be useful for the person with severe asthma. Other than that I'd say its a peace of crap and big waste of money. What, I'm gonna look at the air quality and not go for a bike ride? Hell no, I'd go for a ride anyway. More B.S. for people to spend their money on that will not make a positive difference in their life. Straight up Consumerism crap product. Not worth the electrons that make up this web page.

breathe and cost viagra relax...
written by glenn, May 27, 2009
Depends on what it measures... Often air has varying amounts of carcinogens from solvents, industrial pollutants, etc. It is hard to branded levitra believe it would be able to differentiate between a concentration of viagra online in usa benzene molecules and, a harmless-to-breathe nonpolar molecule like CO2.
Gadgets, Shmadgets...There's A Greener S
written by Elizah Leigh, May 27, 2009
First, let me preface my comment by stating that I'm one of the most eager greenies out there and strive on a daily basis to do everything in my power to reduce my personal impact on our environment. I do some looney things to help Mother Nature, things that my friends and family might refer to as "extreme" (okay...I recycle expired coupons and grocery receipts, for example). I've also been a card-carrying member of an online green social network ( and commiserate with members on a daily basis regarding how to be the best environmental steward that I can.

With that being said, I think that the Sensaris device is an utter waste of our resources!! Do any of us really need another plastic doohickey cluttering up our wrists? Once people determine over and over again that the air quality of the city they live in has the best price for cialis potential to kill an army of wildebeests lined up in a row, is that data going to compel them to relocate...or perhaps start carrying around a portable oxygen tank? For anyone who wants a more organic solution, take a look at this video that tells you how to grow your own fresh air:
Great! Now, where can I buy one?
written by John Rowell, May 27, 2009
This is so cool! Hard to imagine a device this small could measure all that. So, I wonder when they'll start taking orders from the public...
written by Fred, July 13, 2009
its alerting u abt the air quality but how would u kno if what u r breathing isnt then wont it be too late.
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