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MAY 29

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"lets hope that the repairs will fix the problems!..."

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Tesla Recalling 345 Roadsters

After the exciting news last week that Daimler is purchasing a 10 percent stake in the auto company, Tesla has been hit with a bit of a setback. The Office of buy levitra 50 mg Defects Investigation has discovered that many of the already-delivered Roadsters contain "under-torqued" bolts that could lead to major safety issues for the drivers. The company has had to recall 345 of the 400 cars they've delivered so far to fix the error.

Tesla is passing the blame for the cars manufactured between March 2008 and April 2009 onto Lotus, saying they built the chassis on those cars and look here generic cialis cheap are having to recall some of their own Elises and Exiges for the same problem.

Obviously trying to stay in the good graces of their customers, Tesla is offering to make house calls to repair the potentially-loose hub bolts, plus they're performing full vehicle inspections and software upgrages at no cost while they're at it.

The company pointed out that this recall has nothing to do tramadol 120 tabs $85 free shipping with the electric powertrain and no accidents have been caused by the issue.

via Earth2Tech


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written by JustCallMeBen, May 30, 2009
It still is the car of my dreams =D
the dollar still has miles to fall
written by wallet friendly, May 31, 2009

so @US$5500 I am not stuck on telsa.
written by Parker Gor, May 31, 2009
We do not need Chrysler or GM, they need to only today viagra ed go away because of their corrupt practices, bribes of elected officials to create situations that only benefit them and their "ownership" by the oil companies. There are 35 electric car companies that the US, British and Italian governments have been forcing to stall or go out of best price viagra business since last year. These companies can more than save the auto industry, yet the politicians have been ordered by the lobby groups for oil and detroit to not give them their money, a task that would take 3 weeks in the worst case scenario. When they handed detroit bags of money without even asking any questions, almost overnight, and they have made the new car companies wait endlessly until they die from lack of funds, you KNOW they are trying to kill them off, ie: Tesla, Zap, Bright, Apterra, Venture Vehicles, Eco Vehicles, etc.

Parker Gor
written by wallet friendly, May 31, 2009
above is an electric car from on
for US$5500 and there are many other
and it's just one of a whole bunch in the
Eco_Friendly_Vehicles section.
full stable
written by wallet friendly, May 31, 2009
direct link to the full stable
written by Fred, July 24, 2009
lets hope that the repairs will fix the problems!

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