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JUN 01

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"If India and cialis overnite China initiate their solar power plan on their countries,..."

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India's Leaked Solar Power Plan: 200 GW By 2050

Indian newspaper, The Hindu has come across a finalized draft of a national solar power plan that aims to have 200 GW in place by 2050.

The plan outlines expanding the use of small-scale solar PV panels and commercial-scale solar plants in both rural and urban areas and with both commercial and residential customers. Solar lighting and solar water heating will be widely implemented. The plan calls for major growth in centralized solar thermal power generation that would see it becoming competitive in cost to conventional grid power by 2020.

The country only has 3 MW of solar power capacity currently installed. We thought that France's plan to reach 300 MW of solar capacity in the next two years was ambitious, but India's plan blows that (and pretty much every other country's solar plans) out of the water. Plus, India's government only intends to invest around $18-22 million of effect of viagra on women its own money in the plan, so the country will easily be seeking hundreds of billions of dollars in investments over the course of this project to make it a reality.

The phases of the plan include 20 GW of solar capacity installed by 2020, 100 GW installed by 2030 and then, finally, 200 GW installed by 2050.

As overwhelming as plans like these seem at the onset, I love seeing countries take on mail order viagra in uk such large-scale initiatives. We've heard consistently that the only solution to climate change is a drastic change in infrastructure around the world, so this plan from India is right on track.

via Treehugger

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Only one thing to say...
written by Zara, June 01, 2009
Go India!!!!!
Makes a lot of sense
written by Jacob, June 01, 2009
Indians in even the most developed cities routinely experience brownouts, and most houses have a backup generator. Honestly, I've always wondered at the lack of PV. Maybe it gets lifted in the night?
Truth be told, In the north at least I would think that CSP would be the better option, since it can be tacked onto existing plants to deal with peak load at noon.
written by enicao, June 02, 2009
that's just empty words if it's not backed by a serious budget.

I personnaly plan to build a 500 GW solar plant by 2050, and I will spend about 100$ on it
Great news
written by Edouard Stenger, France., June 02, 2009
These are fantastic news. Many many thanks for bringing them !

If these plans are enacted it will draw a loot of soft levitra attention from companies around the world and spur many local others to work on this project.

I previously noted that regarding clean tech we are in an arms race situation, where each country wants to do more than their competitors or neighbors. This seems quite right with your article.

However I don't agree on your note on how France planning to have a tiny 300 MW by 2011 is great. Spain built 3 GW in 2008 only.

(But well, France got a lot of GHG free electricity with nuclear...)

Keep up the good work !
written by glenn, June 02, 2009
Power to the (Indian) people!
written by TI2009, June 03, 2009
The article states that the Gov't plans on investing 105,000 Crore or $21 Billion USD over the next 30 years ... typo reads *M*illion.
Solar Power
written by Solar Power, June 03, 2009
Also the Australian government is contributing to cialis endurance the environment by stimulating residential house owners to get solar by giving them an 8000 dollar rebate.
written by hyperspaced, June 04, 2009
Is 200GW alot? By the end of 2050 there will be more than 1.5 billion Indians...
Concentrating solar in India
written by Andy Simpson, June 04, 2009
They have a production lines for the SunCube concentrating PV technology churning out gear for PV farms already - IIRC they were the first country to get a plant up and mexico cialis no prescription running.

See for some pics.
written by enicao, June 04, 2009
to "solar power"
the australian solar PV rebate program ends in less than a month. the new system is buy cialis online australia going to kill a lot of solar panel companies, and is very bad news for all renewable energy (wind, solar PV, solar thermal, waves...)
maybe ecogeek could make a post on that.
Solar Engineer
written by Steve in ATL, June 11, 2009
And here in Georgia, GA Power has just cut off their customers from tying solar via their Renewable Tariff at 17.7 cents/kWH. They want us to choke on buying generic cialis coal dust until their bank accounts overflow. Southern US states are destined to become a third-world nation is we don't break the legislative/PUC logjam and force change.
written by Fred, July 02, 2009
Its refreshing to see going green is global
written by KEEFWIVANEF, July 08, 2009
The SUNCUBE is a fraud.
Greg Watson, CEO of Green and Gold Energy is a con man.
This is just another PONZI scheme.
Square Engineering have been conned by Greg Watson.
What they will do now is to canadian healthcare viagra try and finf suckers to become distributors and also sell shares in "Suncube solar farms" which will NEVER be built.

The USA company Emcore which supplies the photocells is we like it cialis samples in canada the subject of a class action which alleges that the claimed multimillion dollar orders placed by Watson are a total fraud.
Use your google
Google "suncube fraud"
This is good news
written by Install Solar panels, September 02, 2010
It is truly important that governments of super power countries take the lead with regards to producing energy from renewable sources.
written by smith solar power, December 21, 2010
Its a good news. people should know about this changing climate.
solar power brisbane
written by solar power brisbane, April 16, 2011
governments need to realise that after peak oil the push for renewables will be even greater
Solar Pnels in India
written by peter solar panels, July 01, 2011
Well i am very happy to know that my country is looking into future are are starting to save our resources.
Everyone should know about this changing climate.
Solar panels in India, Germany, Australia, and the levitra soft tabs 100 mg world
written by Solar Power James, July 29, 2011
India may eventually lead the way for PV--they're already well ahead of much of the world, up there at about 15% renewables, about the same as what China has. Fossil fuel dependence will of course not do the developed nations well in a future resource-constrained world.
Shame the UK is so lagging behind
written by Laser ye Surgery Riaks, February 09, 2012
Oneof the problems with a developed infrastructure is how difficult is to swop technologies.

Here in the UK we adopted Nuclear early, We leaders in Wave and helped develop the early wind turbine tech (we still do all those things) but changing over to local service such as this are still a problem as the purchase cialis burden of cost comes on teh home owner and with 10-12 year pay back its hard to visit our site real cialis online justify.

Now if the planners would let me put a 1.2MW trubine on my farm.. ah well then that would make sense
written by Solar Panels, March 12, 2012
It does sound overwhelming, but we can't achieve anything if we let overwhelming things get in the way. With solar power, just look at the various benefits we can reap. Overwhelming or not, these kinds of projects should be undertaken so that the next generations can benefit from the efforts.
Gold Coast Energy
written by Brent Manning, October 02, 2012
India is a country with one of the largest manpower out there, and its manpower is one of the most skilled when it comes to science and buy levitra on the internet technology. This is the reason why India is more than capable of applying modern technology, and one of the main fields that it can tackle in is the use of renewable energy, one of the rising and uptrend industries.

India’s dream of having this 200 GW may seem like a fantasy, but with the right amount of discipline and capital, it can be achieved. There are still a lot of years to make this happen, about 40 years still, and as long as the government formulates and sticks to their plan and schedule, they will be able to make this work, and because they have a high population, energy consumption and carbon emissions will be reduced drastically.

A project like this will help revolutionize the renewable energy industry in India, and it may serve as a role model for larger countries to do the same. If India is capable of achieving 200 GW through solar panels alone, then what more for the economic giants such as China, UK and USA, they can, and will likely follow what India did, because they wouldn’t want to get left behind. They always want to be on top, and that is the reason why having this large of a solar plan in India will not only benefit the country itself, but it will also benefit the whole community. India is taking a step forward in leading the world to online purchase of cialis a new generation of cialis gel energy production.
Brisbane solar
written by Solar Smart, February 08, 2013
well there going to need to hurry or china will. at the rate china is finasteride order online installing solar.
written by Solar Energy Information Adelaide, March 08, 2013
Its great to see developing countries taking the we recommend purchasing levitra initiative with solar power. India's growing economy is quite energy intensive so the support for solar power is welcome to avoid increasing greenhouse gas based power generation.
written by Solar Power Brisbane, December 29, 2013
This is great, India needs to be leading the world in the solar power and renewable energy arena. If a developing country can honestly set such ambitious goals then the developed world needs to start getting serious about setting some big solar power goals for the near future.

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