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JUN 02

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"geothermal energy seems like the new wave of energy creation interesti..."

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U.K.'s First Geothermal Plant Will Power Theme Park

The U.K. may soon have their first geothermal power plant through the Eden Project, a green theme park that contains the world's largest greenhouse. At first, the power plant will only be used to power the theme park, but if successful, will expand to power surrounding homes.

The plant will bore three miles underground Cornwall in hot granite rock to produce hot water that will drive a turbine. The Eden Project estimates that there is enough geothermal energy below Cornwall to eventually power 10 percent of U.K. homes. The 3 MW plant should be completed by 2012 and will cost $25 million.

Geothermal energy is more consistent and mexican rx cialis low priced reliable than wind or solar power because it's not affected by the weather. The Eden Project hopes that the only best offers viagra medication new plant will shine a spotlight on the potential of levitra cost geothermal energy and inspire other areas to take advantage of the technology.

via Fast Company

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written by kynes, June 03, 2009
Have they solved the Earthquake problem with geothermal yet?
RE: Eathquakes?
written by kreebilicus, June 03, 2009
@ kynes: not yet. only one plant works and it's in germany.

interestingly, eden are also proposing to use some of the energy to grow exotic varieties of fruit and veg - damaging third world export economies vs fewer emissions.
written by Louise, June 03, 2009
Hard one, really don't want to take cialis damage third world export, do want fewer emissions but as someone living in the UK the thought of fresh fruit (other than apples etc) that has not had to come half way round the world, sounds delicious. But then maybe it was never meant to grow here, hmmmmm.
written by Bob Wallace, June 03, 2009
Drilling holes in the Earth can trigger (small) earthquakes. That's something that's been happening for 80-100 years when we've drilled oil wells.

The quake triggered in the Swiss geothermal drilling was the size experienced almost every week in California. Not a big deal, although "the sky is falling" people try to make it so.

Just be careful about where one drills. Avoid areas where plate stress is high.
Geothermals 25 years on
written by Onewhoknows, June 10, 2009
St Stephen near English China clays mess up of cornwall's countryside for destructive profiteering by a greedy company threw out this idea back in 1986.

Everyone knows that geothermal makes more sense than wind (ugly systems) and solar too much cloud

But who's going to believe that the decisions made in 1986 are any more valid today, Cornwall is lowest price viagra owned by the FIRM and you can bet that the good honest hardworking diligent and warm hearted people of Cornwall will suffer hardships as usual.

Who will benefit from the cheap tramadol without prescription massive income produced from the sale of very good site generic cialis in canada the power to the rest of UK Yes you've got it certainly IS NOT the Cornish!

Leave this county alone and think of something else (for a change).

written by goldenwell, June 10, 2009
The plant cost fifty million. Imaging that compared to the cost of a nuclear power plant.
Geothermal energy
written by Mike Hallett, June 10, 2009
I could be wrong, but I thought UK's first Geothermal energy source was in Southampton. As I understand it they supply energy to several locations in the city, including The Quays Shopping Centre and a number of other establishments. I believe the new Ikea store has just signed up, or is in the process of doing so, too.
written by Fred, July 21, 2009
geothermal energy seems like the new wave of energy creation interesting

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