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JUN 04

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"Hopefully these phones will work well, good step...."

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Sony Ericsson Adds More Green Phones to the Market

Phone makers like Samsung and purchase viagra us Nokia have launched green-branded phones to much fanfare, but so far, no huge sales reports. Now Sony Ericsson is trying their hand at that piece of the market. Today they announced the addition of the GreenHeart phones to their list of models.

The new models are actually revamped versions of the C901 and Naite models. The new features include a 15 percent smaller carbon footprint, an online-only manual to save paper, less packaging and the phones are made of only today where to get viagra cheap at least 50 percent recycled plastics. Sony Ericsson is canadian healthcare levitra essentially using the the new models to introduce these green features before applying them to their entire portfolio.

While these updates are better for the environment and should be commended, the GreenHeart line doesn't offer any improvements in efficiency or use of renewable energy like other green phones, which makes this attempt feel luke warm in comparison.

In order for cell phones to truly become green, companies will have to focus on improving all aspects of the phone, including making them more efficient and increasing battery and operating life so that cell phones become more of a long-term purchase and less of a disposable object.

via Earth2Tech

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written by Stacey Spencer, June 04, 2009
This is interesting. Mobile phone bands seem to be jumping on the same band wagon, concerning the environment.
It's good that it tackles some environmental issues, but loses out on others. This may be something that a furture, mobile of this brand can improve on and create in their next environmentally friendly phone.
written by glenn, June 05, 2009
So many gadgets, so few hands to play with them! Glad you mentioned that these new devices offer no improvements in terms of energy savings or renewable energy... Good advertising for Sony though!
written by Mark, June 05, 2009
I think it's a nice idea, but they have a longway to go in terms of attractive features to follow link viagra 20 mg make people want to buy one of cheap levitra order online these. With cell users buying iPhones and Blackberries in droves, a simple call/txt phone won't hack it anymore.

Which leads me to a greener iPhone. If they can fit an Accelerometer in the iPhone, perhaps future models can fit a kinetic charger as well? I'd pay more for a heavier iPhone that self-charges while I have it on me!
If you have strong feelings on water efficiency and/or flooding from global warming, then watch these and send them to people you know. Everyone can help turn climate change around.
written by Damo, June 07, 2009

It'll be a long time yet before these phones can self charge from kinetic energy. Take, for example, the nPower PEG that was advertised a few stories back. That provides *just* enough power to start charging an iphone. And look at the size of it! It needs that kind of mass to produce any meaningful amount of electricity. Simple physics. I don't want my iphone to be that large... and neither does the market, I'd wager.
written by Fred, July 20, 2009
Hopefully these phones will work well, good step.

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