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OCT 09

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"You want a phone with "green" plastic? Recycle said plastic into new ..."

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Compostable Cell Phone

NEC N70iPhones with biodegradable cases have graduated from prototype to real world product. The NEC N70i in the female viagra jelly picture, is currently available in Japan.

Made from potatoes, corn and kenaf, the handset will decompose in your compost instead of adding to the landfill. Don't forget to remove the battery before tossing it though. 

And wouldn’t you know it? The manufacturing process uses far less CO2 than your average petrochem-based plastic mobile. There's a good chance you'll find this eco-friendly phone in Europe next year, so stay on the lookout!

Via Hippy Shopper Spotted on Ideal Bite

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written by rob., October 10, 2006
Could you eat it, instead of throwing it away. Phone and chips anyone? ;D
written by Ben, October 10, 2006
what of the LCD screen and electronic boards inside?
What about...
written by GTW, October 10, 2006
1. How long will the appearance look new?
2. Will this attract ants, rats and roaches?
3. Resistance to water?
4. Will it start to smell due to bacteria?
5. How much shock can it withstand?
6. Do they use toxic preservatives?
Just Recycle It
written by Matt, October 10, 2006
You want a phone with "green" plastic? Recycle said plastic into new phone casings. If you pile it high enough and deep enough, the fact that it's biodegradable becomes a moot point. Landfills compress material to the point where it simply won't decompose. And what else can you do, throw it into your garden compost? Recycling is the answer to plastics.

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