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JUN 16

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"creative way to use a volcano..."

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Converting a Volcanic Island into a Giant Power Plant

st kitts and nevis geothermal
The Caribbean island nation of Saint Kitts and uk levitra Nevis may become one of the most carbon-negative nations in the viagra alternative world as it moves toward installing a geothermal power generation system that could eventually allow the island pair to meet its own energy needs and become a clean energy exporter to its neighbors.

There may be as much as 200 megawatts (MW) of capacity available, which would allow Saint Kitts and Nevis to be a power exporter to some of its neighboring islands, even as far as Puerto Rico. At present, the islands need only 10MW or so, although some resort growth is going to increase the demand. The initial plant is anticipated to be on line and producing power by the end of 2009. Additional production holes will be added thereafter to reach an initial target of 50 MW.

This isn't the first time plans for a Caribbean island to be powered solely by nenewables has come to light. Last year, we came across the story that Johnny Depp's Island to be Solar and Hydrogen Powered, but this is a far less exclusionary project.

Nevis has long been known for its hot springs. Now, this project will make Saint Kitts and Nevis the first nation in the Caribbean to utilize geothermal energy for its electricity, and may aid it in boosting its tourism with promises of 100% Earth-powered vacations.

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Geothermal & Earthquakes
written by Mo_Sceal, June 24, 2009
In the New York Times today there was a rather lengthy article regarding risks of only best offers levitra woman Geothermal causing earth quakes.

From one undesirable externality to another. What is online levitra india one to no prescription tramadol do?
written by Fred, July 21, 2009
creative way to use a volcano

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