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JUN 17

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"They usually say driving without the ac saves gas..."

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Do Car Air Conditioners Have to Consume 7 Billion Gallons of Gas per Year

The government has made more significant steps towards boosting car fuel efficiency recently, especially with the new CAFE standards, and now the National Renewable Energy Laboratory is trying to facilitate progress by zeroing in on one particular part of the car - the air conditioner.

According to NREL, car air conditioners account for seven billion gallons of gasoline, about six percent of viagra india pharmacy the nation's total yearly fuel consumption.  Beyond just the fuel use, refrigerant leaks are responsible for 50 million metric tons of CO2 emissions a year.  With that in mind, the laboratory has set a goal of improving air conditioner efficiency by 33 percent.

A few different ideas are already being tested by researchers.  One is a complete redesign of the car air conditioner using thermoelectric modules instead of typical refrigerants.   Another is the cialis india use of solar-reflective glass and we recommend brand name viagra paint on the car exterior that reduces interior air temperature by as much as 34 percent, keeping the air conditioner from having to work as hard.

This summer, the laboratory will work with Ford, who has been awarded $4.2 million from the DOE to improve air conditioning efficiency, to develop a thermoelectric system.

via Green Inc.
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written by Brian, June 19, 2009
REMEMBER, the defrost cycle on your car uses your AC compressor to propecia with no prescription eliminate condensation so you may be wasting gas in the winter with defrost without knowing it!
written by myna lee, June 24, 2009
roll yer winders down a bit but even better, quit concentrating on viagra available in india the auto industry and personal mobility and make the change and demand light rail and other innovative forms of transit.
all of us pedestrians would be grateful.
Air conditioned seats
written by Mike, June 24, 2009
As I recall, a study was done (with a prototype etc.) showing that putting cooled air in the seat cushion reduces use of the AC, because when a person sits down in a hot car regardless of how quickly the air cools, they still remain hot from the hot seat and run the where to buy viagra online AC longer and more. Anybody know if things are moving towards cooled seats?
written by autostry, June 25, 2009
Air conditioned seats may just be the solution to that problem!
written by Fred, June 30, 2009
They usually say driving without the ac saves gas

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