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JUN 17

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"this is no perscription viagra a positive signal about human life in near future, but is this..."

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European Companies Vying for Saharan Solar Power

Twenty German firms, and possibly more from other European countries, are banding together to dig up investments for a huge solar power project in Northern Africa.

The Desertec project would see several solar power installations constructed in politically-stable countries across Saharan Africa and cialis could cost well over $500 billion.  If built, the project could provide 15 percent of Europe's electricity needs.  The solar power plants would generate around 100 GW of electricity and would take 10 years to complete.

The consortium of companies will meet on July 13 to start trying to attract investors.  Even if the group is able to secure enough financing, the big hurdles would still lay ahead.  The Saharan desert is not the most forgiving place to construct large infrastructure, plus once it was built, all that energy would still have to be transmitted to Europe and then divvied up among the viagra alternative many different distribution systems that exist throughout the continent.  If successful, this project could tap into a great source of solar power, but there will likely be lots or risks and issues along the way.

via AFP
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written by falcon, June 18, 2009
"...politically-stable countries across Saharan Africa..." 2.

Otherwise, awesome proyect, it reminded me of gundam 00.
I hope my country (Chile) imports the idea (both gundams and the solar proyect smilies/tongue.gif)
written by Bob Wallace, June 18, 2009
Jobs and a thriving economy can do a lot to stabilize political systems.

written by Courtney, June 18, 2009
What about the wildlife?
written by Bob Wallace, June 18, 2009
I'm sure the workers will have a fine time on their days off.

(This is a great big desert. Solar harvesting will use only a very small fraction. And think of how hard it is going to be on the wildlife if we don't curb global overheating.)
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written by cizgi film izle, June 18, 2009
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written by Mark Waterfield, June 19, 2009
There is also the added benefit of cod tramadol overnight transferring wealth into some very low income countries
Think Big
written by filo, June 20, 2009
I hope I'm not alone in wondering whether they're going to set aside a significant share of the power for the host (and neighbouring) nations. Provision, of course, should also be made for local consumption to grow with time.
written by Palmer Sperry, June 20, 2009
Hmm ... So Europe, some of which is worried about becoming dependent on supplies of Russian gas decide to become dependent on African sunlight instead? Good plan for energy independence there ... not!

Mixed feelings
written by Edouard Stenger, France, June 22, 2009
I really have mixed feelings about this project.

On one hand it's great as it could decrease the consumption of fossil fuels and bring electricity to countries where it lacks.

On the other, there are many problems that have to be solved. Finding all this money is one, transmitting all the energy across thousands of miles is another.

Congrats on your new design, it is simply awesome ! Keep up the good work smilies/cheesy.gif
written by Fred, July 01, 2009
bad idea for the sahara desert
written by bill, July 02, 2010
every time we use energy there is some sacrifice... covering a portion of the desert is better than destroying our entire ecosystem. Now if the US could only do this.
At Least . .
written by Rich King, July 05, 2010
At Least someone is levitra cheapest best buy lowest cost trying to do something. We can't get simple things passed in this country due to big business, oil and viagra next day shipping coal lobbies, etc.

Out of cheap viagra tablets frustration, we added solar to our home. You can do your part and for a whole lot $$ than you think.
Our next move is a electric car - powered by our roof.
We can do better if we are informed and act responsibly for future generations.
africans in darkness
written by hani allush, July 13, 2010
this is a positive signal about human life in near future, but is this applcable to african nations living in darkness?smilies/cheesy.gif

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