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JUN 19

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"The Daihatsu Charade diesel in 1980 was a 3 cylinder car that did up t..."

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Honda Working on Two New Ultra-Cheap Hybrids

Sadly, the new Honda Insight isn't selling as well as Honda had hoped. The Prius still reigns supreme. And, since it is the more advanced (though more expensive) option, we can't really argue with that. But Honda is taking the news in stride. Instead of we choice generic levitra effective backing off of their commitment to hybrids, it looks like they're planning two more, and they're hoping to make them even cheaper.

While the viagra 10mg Prius is the technology leader, it is important that we bring the costs of hybrids down so that more people can get better gas mileage, and that is cialis on sale Honda's goal. Honda's president says they're working on viagra no rx required two new hybrids, and that they will both be even cheaper than the Insight. One of these will probably be a hybrid version of the Fit, which could easily come in at $17,000, and the other might be the CR-Z (pictured) which is slated for launch in 2011.

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written by solargroupies, June 19, 2009
Manufacturing hybrid small cars- finally, an automaker who is taking smart pills. Enough people still have a bad taste in their mouths after following the automakers' marketing advice and best viagra being hooked on fossils, and then making new model cars that get even lower mpgs than their predecessors (Accord), not to mention the only here usa generic cialis economy, it may take awhile before consumers go hop-scotching across dealer lots with their cashier's checks in hand...
Honda Insight isn't selling because it's not as cute as Prius
written by Julia, June 19, 2009
I waited and waited for the Insight to come back and in the meantime, bought a Honda Civic Hybrid which I like (not as cool not as cute as Prius) I had made up my mind to trade in my Civic Hybrid for Insight the instant it hit the streets, but NO. It's too boring. Honda makes a great car - my current hybrid is my 5th Honda - but design lags behind Toyota. If Honda wants to sell me another car, make the new hybrid smaller, cheaper and more daring in design
written by Zert, June 19, 2009
Beatiiful car!
written by Dr Joe, June 19, 2009
They need to sell the car in the picture... Why do they keep building all these econo box cars??? I want something that is sexy and sport and get 50+MPG, not a car that looks like everything else on the road. I am sick to death of all the copy cat cars. Build me a roadster or a notchback coup anything but a flipping BOX. I have to give it to cialis canadian Chrysler for not building the same old thing, the 300, Challenger. Anything is better then what Honda and Toyota have been putting out the past few years. What happened to all those cool show stopping cars??? And some one please build me an ALL electric car for under 20K.

Series hybrid please.
written by Ashb, June 20, 2009
Hello Honda,
Please make a Series Hybrid like Chevy Volt. That will leapfrog you over Prius. Also, I would like Plug in Hybrid.
This is forward thinking..
written by Doc Rings, June 21, 2009
The fit and look there rx online cialis the CR-Z are great ideas for making hybrids. The reason I haven't bought a regular gas Fit is that I have been waiting for a hybrid version.

I also agree that the PHEV (ala "Volt") concept would REALLY get me excited... I want all-electric capability for commuting, and gas for driving 500 miles to Grandma's house once a month...without having to own two cars to do it (and all the associated costs of two cars: registration, insurance, maintenance).
CR-Z please
written by Phreddy Tran, June 22, 2009
I'm with Dr. Joe. I hate the look of the hybrids. To me, they resemble breadboxes with wheels. It's making me consider one of levitra cost the diesels from VW or BMW. Where's Mazda's design department when we need them?
written by Dave H., June 23, 2009
So what if the hybrids don't look as cool as those soon to be obsolete gasoline burners? So what if they don't make a loud satisfying noise when the the best place cialis 100 engine is revved. We need to get over our ignorant redneck affection for fossile fuels of ANY kind.
Hybrid, Transformer in disguise
written by Fred, June 23, 2009
Alright! Now I can drive a new transformer-- I mean hybrid. The shape of these new cars are so futuristic. I feel like they'll morph while driving. Cool!
I'm with Dave H.
written by Valerie Dawnstar, June 24, 2009
I understand folks who get all emotional about their cars. Really, I do. But we have to not forget the responsible part of our journey on this planet, too. We need to break our fossil fuel addiction. And soon!
written by Valerie D, June 24, 2009
... "cute" Prius!???
Hybrid SUVs
written by Richard Fletcher, June 24, 2009
my wife is cheap viagra soft very interested in finding a nice hybrid SUV which could surpass most SUVs on the road.
written by autostry, June 25, 2009
I do hope that Honda would be able to take the position from Prius with their new Hybrid models.
Gas addiction
written by Weehawk, June 27, 2009
If we really want hybrids and hybrid technology to take off in this country, I'm afraid we need sustained higher gas prices to stimulate consumer demand. Most consumers care less about being "green" than they do about other considerations like their pocketbooks.

Last summer when gas prices were high, hybrids were hot. After the gas prices came down, people immediately forgot about it and went back to purchasing their "guzzlers."

Sometimes pain is the only motivator.
Who cares what it looks like
written by Ray-ray, July 09, 2009
You should see the car I drive. Its old Its ugly. My kids named it "The Crappy Gas Pipe" But I can say it gets 120 MPG, 67% less emmisions, Carbon Nuetral, cost: $1,850 with fuel saver kit. What is it? A greasecar.
MPG 100
written by John D, August 07, 2009
The Daihatsu Charade diesel in 1980 was a 3 cylinder car that did up to 105mpg. Now that is economy.

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