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JUN 23

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"From a humanitarian perspective, our fellow human beings, who migrate ..."

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Survey Says Majority of People Would Choose Gadgets Over Environment

Here at EcoGeek, we love technology, gadgets AND the environment.  In fact, we believe that technology and low cost cialis innovation may very well be what holds the solution to the environmental crises we're facing.  So, when a recent survey revealed that a large majority of people would choose their gadgets or modern conveniences over the environment, it didn't surprise us, it just reaffirms that these things have to be made better, not removed from our lives.

The survey of 1,006 people by the Shelton Group found that when asked "If these things were harming the environment, which of levitra soft tabs the following would you be willing to give up?," only the following percentages would agree to go without:

  • iPod - 38 percent
  • Dishwasher - 35 percent
  • Microwave - 25 percent
  • Cellular phone - 21 percent
  • Air conditioning - 14 percent
  • TV - 13 percent
  • Computer - 7 percent
  • Car - 6 percent
  • None of the above - 21 percent
  • All of the above - 6 percent

A lot of these items have moved beyond conveniences to necessities, so it's understandable that people wouldn't want to make the sacrifice.  Greenhouse gas emissions and e-waste pollution are concerns when it comes to most of this list, but, unfortunately, the environmental impact is hard to appreciate when you need to use any of these items.  That's why until electric cars are common place, household electronics are made to be more efficient and everyone recycles, we'll keep bringing you stories of how we're getting closer to that day.

via CleanTechnica

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written by Pidge, June 23, 2009
Or you could just tax goods so that their monetary cost reflects their production and environmental costs. People would give up some of selling cialis online those things if they had to levitra sales uk pay for the costs incurred.

Don't mean to be rude, but it's hardly news to say "people unwilling to change lifestyle regardless of environmental cost".
written by Kate, June 23, 2009
I can only pick out about half the things from that list that I would even begin to call necessary, and only then with great qualification: 1) Air conditioning (for people who live in extremely hot climates), 2) computers (for people with computer jobs), 3) cars (for people who have to commute), and 4) cellular phones (for people who absolutely must be on call for whatever reason). "Dishwasher" would make my list for "highly desirable," but still is no necessity. Oh, but this is just me getting after you for being far too easy on people. =P
bad question
written by Zara, June 23, 2009
That is discounted generic viagra a remarkably bad question to ask. How much would it be damaging the environment? Can I make up for it in other ways?
written by EV, June 23, 2009
"Dishwasher" would make my list for "highly desirable," but still is no necessity.

This is one item I particularly take issue with. Dish washers reduce water consumption over hand washing. They are more efficient than hand washing and thus reduce the environmental impact. So, why would it even be on the list? It's an environmental benefit, not a drawback.
taking responsibility for our choices
written by jane, June 23, 2009
It's not just ewaste and GHG emissions that are an issue. Coltan, used in mobile phones and other hand-held devices, is mined from the last habitat of endangered gorillas, and is also funding the civil war in the Congo.
Can you rephrase the question to a better audience?
written by Free Energy Saving Tips, June 24, 2009
I'd love to see the breakdown / analysis of the 1006 people surveyed. Was it random? Was it in a certain neighborhood? I think we've definitely become a nation / people of gadgets (i say as I look at my G1) but if I knew it was causing actual harm to buying levitra in canada the environment I would give it up. Problem is, most won't. Put a youtube video in front of them showing them HOW their gadget is causing harm, then you might get a more favorable response. We're very visual - not very imaginative. If we were, we wouldn't be in the mess we're in now.
written by Delmar Jackson, June 24, 2009
I would love to see a survey that asked if we would be willing to have less immigration in favor of a better environment. Prior to 1965 our immigration was less than 250,000 per year. For the last 40 years nearly all of levitra soft generic our population growth has come from immigration- we should aim for a stable population, unlimited immigration for an unlimited time is unsustainable.
written by Fred, June 24, 2009
I agree with Zara above, which of these will be the viagra ed most harmful?!? Please not my cell phone.
written by Kate, June 24, 2009
I wasn't addressing whether or not the things on only for you dose cialis the list were of any environmental impact, but on whether or not they were necessary for the average person. Really none of those things are actually necessary for life - but I was just being pedantic. =P

That said, I dunno if my dishwasher is more efficient than hand-washing. It probably depends on the dishwasher vs. the methods of hand-washing used (such as whether or not you soak - which you should for stuck-on food - and whether or not you pre-clean your plate after you eat - as in with your tongue - which helps, ha).
written by solargroupies, June 24, 2009
This makes me think of a Grist post last week that essentially surmised that we need to dumb-down climate change terminology for soccer moms and buy tramadol 800 the rest of the the general public. They understand statements like "it's bad for the environment" whereas you lose them with "carbon footprints" and "methane calthrates". Here is the bottom line: People are not going to choose the environment over gadgets, or anything else until they get bonked over the head They will need a SIGINIFICANT EMOTIONAL EVENT to S.E.E. reality. For example, they will need to be uprooted, pay $5 a gallon for drinking water, not eat a meal or shower for a month before they see the light.
written by Roger Brown, June 24, 2009
"So, when a recent survey revealed that a large majority of people would choose their gadgets or modern conveniences over the environment, it didn't surprise us, it just reaffirms that these things have to be made better, not removed from our lives."

Survey reveals that most people believe that 2+2=1000. Therefore any 'practical' program to ensure long term human welfare must accommodate this belief.

Yes,this is the state of 'logical' thinking in acheived by our glorious modern civilization.

The dangers of online viagra habituation
written by Eve Landen, June 25, 2009
It's pretty disturbing (if not surprising) what people come to consider as a "necessity". Most of these things either didn't exist or would have been considered a luxury 20 years ago. Sadly these products haven't given us more satisfaction with out lives, but they sure have made us more demanding!
They all already harm the environment.
written by George, June 29, 2009
They all already harm the environment.

Where do you think the minerals in your car and electronics come from, if not a mine which by necessity causes immense devastation to the surrounding area?

The only green consumption is levitra en gel non-consumption.
Reduction of Immigration!
written by Richard Fletcher, July 01, 2009
I agree with Delmar Jackson who said that we should reduce immigration numbers, particularly illegal immigration. This would like help our environmental situation greatly.
written by Steve, July 01, 2009
No suprise here.. did you really think giving anything up would be easy? Most people don't give a hang about the canada cialis levitra environment, even if it's in their own front yard. I took a walk around the mixed commercial/residential neighborhood in which I work today and couldn't believe the trash/garbage stewn along the streets. If folks can even lift a hand to dispose of their trash properly, what makes ya think they'd cut back on appliances/"necessities" many feel are God-given rights (in Western societies anyway). I don't like to only for you viagra on women be negative...but very few people truely care about enviromental issues or anything other than their own immediate comforts. And the percentage of "don't carers" seems to be growing. Even my own kids (and their friends) seem to be numb to the issues...and this is the generation who's supposed to be steeped in environmental awareness. The few (like most of you readers) can never make up for the desensitized masses. God help us!!
Why do people like gadgets?
written by Jonathan, July 02, 2009
What is a gadget? It's product (usually unnecessary) that makes people feel good. It's all about the product making sense, being comfortable to use and honoring people as inidividuals. They basically ego boosters and peer levelers or even peer climbers. How many times have I been slightly envious after seeing a good looking well dressed couple with a fancy car and iPhone etc. then had to shake my head saying to myself "wake up! are these guys nice people? do they respect others? do they make me laugh? do they love each other?..."

This is where the environment comes's just there, sitting there peacefully like it has since the beginning of time (OK, there's been a number of major disruptions I know). Does it make me feel great as a person - yes!! But, too many people take it for granted. This is way I'm maybe a little doomday-ish as I only believe that the tramadol for saturday delivery mass population will react when things start going bad.

But, maybe there's hope and we'll find a global marketing angle that'll wake people up...?
written by Green Card, August 05, 2009
From a humanitarian perspective, our fellow human beings, who migrate to it's great! mexico cialis support their families, continue to suffer at the hands of cialis australia immigration policies that separate them from family members and drive them into remote parts of the American desert, sometimes to their deaths. This suffering should not continue.

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