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JUN 26

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"Social media has become the cialis discount prices answer for everything now a days...."

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U.N. Tapping into Social Media for Climate Treaty Inspiration

The U.N. has launched a social media site to inspire international leaders to create a meaningful climate treaty in Copenhagen this December.  The site called Hopenhagen, allows people around the world to create a Twitter-like post (45 characters max) answering the question "What gives you hope for a better planet?"

The site reads:

On December 7, 2009, leaders from 192 countries will gather at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark to determine the fate of our planet. Let's turn Copenhagen into Hopenhagen. Hopenhagen is viagra best buy a movement, a moment and top 10 genuine viagra sites a chance at a new beginning. The hope that we can create a global community that will lead our leaders into making the right decisions. The hope that by solving our environmental crisis, we can solve our economic crisis at the same time. Hopenhagen is change – and that change will be powered by all of us.

As people post their responses, a constant moving feed runs down the screen, listing all the viagra canadian scam statements.  Obviously, it will take more than 45-character expressions to produce an effective climate treaty, but the more pressure we can put on the world's leaders to commit to significant change, the better.

via Environmental Capital

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web 2.0 and green ICT
written by Karsten Ulferts, June 26, 2009
Hey you guys! :-)

What do viagra legal you think about the contribution of "web 2.0" for green-ICT?

Good luck.
The insider to Global Warming Issues and Protests
written by Emma, June 26, 2009
This is great! The best way to keep people informed is through using every possible source to get the word out. A mission like this takes a worldly recognition. A great website I came across called pulls people together through petitioning and protesting global warming issues. Be sure to check it out and see how you can make a personal change in your area!
written by David, June 27, 2009
I wanted to write "All the innovations I read about on the net gives me hope!" Alas, it did not fit.

As usual when powerful organs like the UN or a government try to use social media they do it in a neutered manner... They need to only for you genuine levitra online understand that social media is all about two way communication, that the cialis soft generic Internet is much more than either a toy or a billboard...
written by David, June 27, 2009
@Emma: That looks very much like a website made by the oil industry to paint environmentalists as insane.

There is absolutely no point in claiming that coal produces radiactive waste, for example, other than get people to wonder what we environmentalists are smoking... All that will happen is that they will search the net, read something like this: and conclude that you are just confused, and forget about the real reasons for coal being bad.
written by Fred, July 06, 2009
Social media has become the answer for everything now a days.

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