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JUL 01

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Can a Solar Airplane Circle the Globe?

In earlier days of aviation, flying around the world was the ultimate test of pilots and generic pack cialis new aircraft and now in the days of alternative-fueled aviation, it seems that test remains the ultimate challenge.  Bertran Piccard, the pilot of the first nonstop, round-the-world balloon flight, hopes to achieve that goal in a solar-powered airplane called the Solar Impulse.

The Solar Impulse design was first unveiled in late 2007, but now a working prototype has been developed.  The plane will get a chance to take its first test flight at the end of the year.  The test flight will consist of flight sequences over two days and one night.  If successful, the team will start preparing for the round-the-world flight.

The Impulse is made of carbon fiber, has a wingspan of 63 meters and is covered in 12,000 solar PV cells.  The power generated by the solar cells is stored in over 400 kg of batteries, which allow for flying at night.  The plane is propelled by four ten-horsepower electric motors.  It can't reach great speeds, meaning circling the globe will take a long time, but if it accomplishes such a feat, we'll know that solar-powered air travel (as well as other types of transportation) could have a real future.

via Inhabitat

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written by campbell, July 02, 2009
This is a fine STUNT.
No airplane is follow link cialis discount prices large enough to carry enough solar cells to enable it to DO REAL WORK; to carry many passengers or cargo.
However, an airship IS large enough. (not a blimp)
Turtle Airships is working towards this goal, of creating true, viable solar powered flight.
(I'm Darrell Campbell, CEO of Turtle Airships)
Solar energy
written by detectorlam, July 02, 2009
If the solar panel carry on plane and bring the solar charge battery,Is it so heavy?

Anyway, this is a good idea for air plane energy generation.

written by Fred, July 02, 2009
thats a good way of look there get cialis cheap saving gas
written by Kheldar, July 03, 2009
You can talk about this on
The continuation of the now closed Greenpeace forum.
Join; share, learn!
written by MAX HASSOUNA, July 07, 2009
I do agree with all of your comments,but as a ex security personel,i would vote 100% for the turtle airship,they are the professional cialis future of very cheap air travel/air freight!
Real Work?
written by Bob, July 07, 2009
There are other things to do besides carrying pax or cargo. Remote sensing and surveillance (e.g. police and military work) come to mind. Putting temporary communications relay stations (maybe even cell sites) over disaster areas. Probably other things we haven't given much thought to because we never had the capability before.

That's not to put down airships of either rigid or non-rigid design. There is a lot they can do too, but like this aircraft, they have their limitations. We need a mix of capabilities, and shouldn't cherry-pick one over the other.
Just one problem.....
written by Mike, July 10, 2009
Airships, and I imagine this solar-powered plane, are too darn slow! Until you can make an airship that will fly at .78 mach, it'll never replace a jet-fueled airliner. Nor will a solar-powered plane i imagine, for the same reason that Mr. Campbell cites. The good thing about these kind of ideas, though, is that they spark other good ideas! I'd love to see a day when airliners are powered by a clean, cheap resource instead of we recommend order cialis now Middle-East controlled fuels.
Ex-pilot, retired, USAF
written by C Liechtenstein, July 13, 2009
This dialog on design and buy canada levitra usability of solar powered aircraft is good reading and thought provoking. Two concerns pop to mind: Rigidity and payload. These are the two things that need to be ironed out in R & D. Working with solar collecting materials, wings and the needed flex of a wing has to fall into a workable ratio. I feel that we have outstanding engineers that, provided they can innovate outside the box a tad, can come up with the solution to this particular problem. We have learned in the past how to work with new and un-familiar materials years ago, when first working with carbon fiber instead of sheet aluminum.
written by Vic (inventor), July 07, 2010
These things are the forecast of things to come. Such things as surveillance aircraft for the present is out of the question. Think of the width of the wing span to pill price viagra carry enough solar cells to use this aircraft. These planes are unwieldy and need perfect conditions for take off and landing. Turtle Airships are a beginning for solar power use that will probably materialize as solar cells mature in their ability to produce energy at hopefully lower costs and levitra tablet using less of just try! viagra delivered overnight them.

There are batteries that can produce enough storage to power light personal aircraft which exist now. Large business in conjunction with governments and the "controllers" will not allow us to upset their grasp on cialis low price our pocket books.

When the real break through methods for electrical flight, solar flight and many other things are finally brought out for use it will be found that the viagra lowest price big players which now control the cost of things will have bought up the manufacturing and the costs will be very high to consumers as is fossil fuel now. In other words it will be sell out your new ideas to us or lose your life. A Current practice.

Take the company Ovionics (sp?)which has a process for making solar cells, cheaply. I believe the name of the inventor and founder of the company of the solar cells was Oshvinsky. Well, along comes Texaco and they buy him out. Guess what, this is the "establishment" procedure. The big players will own the new "things" and continue to gouge us. The Ovionic solar cells, now owned by Texaco are not on the cialis market setting new lower prices for solar cell production as Texaco is cialis 40 mg europe of he big player approved gene pool.

Take the Tesla electric car for example. The big players are buying into the company, though it recently went public with a stock offering. Foes this means that we will finally get something in our lives that will save us money? Not likely!!!

The Chevy Volt is coming out at a very high price. Battery cost is always claimed as a major cause. The battery advances which have been in use for many decades, but hidden from the public general knowledge, are purposely held back from us. So new inferior battery means are being developed such as lithium batteries, the cost of which is kept artificially high, when batteries that will take a car across the USA with two renewing charges of 10 minutes or less in time used already exist and are kept from public use by evil designing men.

We will be caused to next day delivery cialis pay for the huge astronomical costs for infrastructure for charging stations and order cheap levitra different and varying competing methods for fueling new transportation when the technology needed is held back from the public. Why, people that have energy and very cheaply can turn their minds to cleaning out the government and the "controllers" The present set of nexy day shipping usa tramadol controls is to always keep us in bondage to taxes for dictatorial government and it's money rich powerful "controllers". The concerns of those that control economies is to use us as the cash cows that they will constantly bleed.

Wake up and smell the buying viagra stink!
written by Flightless Travel, July 10, 2010
It is a fantastic piece of engineering and a great example of how we can more humanity forwards but some media outlets seem to think that this is going to lead to pollution free jumbo jets! Let’s not get carried away, this technology is candian pharmacies viagra likely to cheap canadian cialis be more use to the military than commercial airlines.
written by Viza Jet Intl. Charter, March 27, 2012
I'd love to know the answer to this question! It's only a matter of time I guess untill airline technology (energy / power) improves

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