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JUL 02

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"It would be nice to have green ratings for PC component manufactures l..."

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Greenpeace Releases Annual Green Electronics Rankings

Greenpeace International has released its annual "Guide to Greener Electronics" where it ranks leading electronics companies on their policies towards toxic chemicals, recycling and click here cialis medication climate change.  This year, PC makers made up the bottom of the list, Apple floated somewhere in the middle and cell phone makers got the highest marks.  Below is the list with each company's score from 1 - 10 (10 being the best) with the brief explanation of viagra 100mg england the score provided by Greenpeace.

  • 7.45  Nokia - Scores top marks for leading competitors on online pharmacy shop canadian healthcare pharmacy toxic phase out.
  • 7.1    Samsung - Holds second position for commitment to reduce absolute emissions.
  • 6.5    Sony Ericsson - Up two places with better product energy efficiency reporting.
  • 5.7    LG Electronics - Up two places but needs to only today buy generic cialis cheap eliminate hazardous chemicals from all products.
  • 5.5    Toshiba - Moves up two places with an extra point for promising to cut GHGs.
  • 5.5    Motorola - Scores higher and climbs two places because of use of renewable energy
  • 5.3    Philips - Falls from 4th to 7th position and needs to put its commitment to responsible recycling policies into practice.
  • 5.3    Sharp - Rises from 9th to joint 7th place with its energy efficient products.
  • 4.9    Acer - Put out 16 new models of a monitor that are almost free of hazardous chemicals and climbed two places from 11 to 9 but still needs to sort out the cialis without prescriptions power cord.
  • 4.9    Panasonic - Advance from 12th to 10th place for energy efficiency and PVC-free product range, but still bad on e-waste.
  • 4.7    Apple - Drops one position to 11th with no change in scores but gets kudos for their green MacBook.
  • 4.5    Sony - Plunges from 5th to 12th place for inadequate commitments on eliminating hazardous chemicals, e-waste policy and cutting GHGs.
  • 3.9    Dell - Stays at 13th place because of backtracking on toxic phase out.
  • 3.5    HP - Is at 14th position and has no products on the market free of toxic substances.
  • 2.5    Microsoft - Loses a point for a poor recycling policy but stays in 15th position.
  • 2.5    Lenovo - Down two places with no set timeline for toxic phase out on all products.
  • 2.4    Fujitsu - Debuts second from last with no products that are free of hazardous chemicals.
  • 1       Nintendo - Stays put in last position with a glimmer of hope with partially PVC-free consoles.
As you can see, this year PC makers were highly criticized for either backtracking on commitments to remove hazardous chemicals from their products or not producing a policy to do so at all.  You can download a PDF of the full scorecard here.

via Greenpeace International

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Rankings of policy, not greenness of purchasing viagra products
written by Carl Hage, July 03, 2009
Note, Megan's excellent wording, "it ranks leading electronics companies on their policies". It would be nice to know which products have the least environmental impact, e.g. use less energy (to make and on line perscription for viagra use), are recyclable, don't use toxic materials, etc., but this system doesn't measure that. I have had a problem with the Greenpeace scoring system because it is just a summed checklist on having certain corporate policies (some even political). Great graphics, but not much to levitra online no prescription do with green electronics (it's green corporate policies instead).
written by Fred, July 06, 2009
Good to see that Nokia is on generic viagra indian fda top, their products are very good.
written by Simone, July 06, 2009
(I'm sorry for the off-topic but the contact button on top doesn't work.)

You have never wrote a post on the Kitegen, and I wonder why, since this Italian project is the most advanced in high winds power generation projects.
The power plant you see in the animation is being built right now:

- the 2 turbines in the video work only for the time in which the kite does take off,
- on you can see the 1 Gigawatt "carousel" project.
written by OakleighVermont solargroupies, July 06, 2009
Seems a bit disconcerting for all of us to be surrounded by products with potentially hazardous toxic chemicals in them. Maybe manufacturers need more carrots and sticks to green up their behavior?
Green Electronics & Energy Efficient Electronics
written by Sustainable Living, July 06, 2009
There is a website out there that ranks electronics on their energy efficiency:
Good for finding out which electronics have the lowest power draw (both on and in standby mode).
written by CANTFIGHTTHEDITE, July 08, 2009
It would be nice to have green ratings for PC component manufactures like ASUS, Gigabyte, Western Digital, Seagate, and etc. Some of us build our own computers and don't buy out of the box units from Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba or whoever. Of course, I'm more interested in knowing about the viagra prescription label greenness of there production lines and the materials that compose the product, than the energy consumption... which you can kinda figure out here

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